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2017-03-15 19:11:31 UTC  

They can act as a foil against the cuck parties, if there are enough anti-cucks who get seats

2017-03-15 19:11:45 UTC  

But isn't there like another minor /pol/ approved party? Couldn't he coalition with them if he doesn't get enough seats? Or are they basically nothing?

2017-03-15 19:11:52 UTC  

This is all possible, it is tough but we can do it.

2017-03-15 19:12:11 UTC  

theyre basically nothing if there is one

2017-03-15 19:12:43 UTC  

Honestly I hope the refugees from Turkey flood into the EU and cause mayhem, so people wake the fuck up

2017-03-15 19:12:57 UTC  

Minor parties usually do not have a chance of influencing the elections

2017-03-15 19:13:57 UTC  

The welfare state ends one way or the other. Either in a controlled way via sane policies to scale it back, or it crashes and burns when progressives flood their nations with refugees

2017-03-15 19:14:09 UTC  

If I can't have Wilders, I want chaos

2017-03-15 19:14:24 UTC  

A welfare state causes a state to become weak and poor

2017-03-15 19:15:39 UTC  

no i swear gommunism wil work this time

2017-03-15 19:15:53 UTC

2017-03-15 19:16:06 UTC  

Import thousands of refugees and give them lodging in the same buildings as feminists. Put them in dorms where there are tons of social justice supporting students

2017-03-15 19:16:21 UTC  

You wanted islam, here you go

2017-03-15 19:16:32 UTC  

>Inb4 everybody get's "voluntarily" raped

2017-03-15 19:17:41 UTC  

Conscript feminists into the police force and make them respond to incidents of refugee violence

2017-03-15 19:18:23 UTC  

The "tolerant" police

2017-03-15 19:22:31 UTC  

>inb4 they arrest all of the white people at the camp for being "oppressive"

2017-03-15 19:23:27 UTC  


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2017-03-15 19:23:35 UTC  

Geert Wilders is winning exit polls

2017-03-15 19:23:45 UTC  


2017-03-15 19:24:27 UTC  

what is his party called again?

2017-03-15 19:24:45 UTC  


2017-03-15 19:24:53 UTC  

Partei vor vreheit?

2017-03-15 19:24:56 UTC  

Polls are often not accurate but this means good news.

2017-03-15 19:24:57 UTC  

i dont speak dutch tbh

2017-03-15 19:25:08 UTC  

exit polls are as accurate as polls get

2017-03-15 19:25:13 UTC  

but they're not always okay.

2017-03-15 19:25:16 UTC  

Hopefully the polling is better than it was here

2017-03-15 19:25:46 UTC  

so yall wanna join the audio chat for the dutch elections?

2017-03-15 19:25:57 UTC  

cautiously optimistic

2017-03-15 19:26:14 UTC  

as always fam

2017-03-15 19:30:22 UTC  

So how is your guys "Day without snow" going?

2017-03-15 19:30:43 UTC  

Fucking blizzard where I am right now.

2017-03-15 19:31:52 UTC  

I could go for some snow

2017-03-15 19:32:01 UTC  

It's currently 65 and sunny

2017-03-15 19:35:16 UTC  

Asian BTFO

2017-03-15 19:43:09 UTC  

Election results will be final in less than an hour. TAKE MY ENERGY, GEERT

2017-03-15 19:44:07 UTC  

less than an hour?