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they think a victor is going onto a public facebook page of a person and talking shit being like "WE aren't racist, we are gay! We are Western Chauvinists!"

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Gavin: Please don't put that baton in my ass!

Antifa: why isn't he trying to get away?

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@FylnnGardian HHAHAHAHAH fucking killing me goy

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you guys ever used test boosters?

2017-03-16 01:06:18 UTC  

like what are you referring to

2017-03-16 01:06:26 UTC  

testosterone boosters

2017-03-16 01:06:28 UTC  

a lot of shit is sold as a test booster that doesnt work

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Hi we are proud boys, we are into adoption, mass non white immigration and the new found flexible position of the church in regards to homos

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yeah thats true

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theres sucha wide variety of stuff you could be talking about

2017-03-16 01:06:46 UTC  

No can't say I have

2017-03-16 01:06:51 UTC  

idk I guess Im just looking for something that works but that wont fuck me up

2017-03-16 01:07:01 UTC  

herbs, prohormones, SARMs, certain supplements, i dunno man

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out of all supps test boosters and whey seem like theyre the best

2017-03-16 01:07:06 UTC  

Anything from GNC will fuck u up lol

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I know a guy who used SERMs

2017-03-16 01:07:29 UTC  

SARMs work pretty well

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he used them early early on and used SARM 1 or some shit

2017-03-16 01:07:37 UTC  

never used SERMs

2017-03-16 01:07:39 UTC  

one of the worst onces

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I swear this fucking quote has been totally hidden by the Jews on the Joogle

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I use 540lbs on the dead lift

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Maximum PAIN

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That's a real quote from the Lincoln-Douglas debates

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LGD-4033 is pretty solid shit honestly @Koba

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Ive quit coffee so Im looking for something else to jack me up

2017-03-16 01:08:26 UTC  

you can do 5mg 4 weeks on 2 off repeatedly with no side effects at all

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my T levels have been hit pretty hard by a lack of coffee

2017-03-16 01:08:39 UTC  

whats general cost range for a cycle?

2017-03-16 01:08:41 UTC  

get more sleep

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@FylnnGardian I have insomnia