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2017-03-23 20:07:38 UTC  

yep new system update is available. thanks

2017-03-23 20:08:32 UTC  

youll finally be able to auto sort apps alphabetically

2017-03-23 20:09:40 UTC  

Noooo ive been banned from working from home nooooooo

2017-03-23 20:09:46 UTC  

Only one a week

2017-03-23 20:09:50 UTC  


2017-03-23 20:10:24 UTC  


2017-03-23 20:10:27 UTC  


2017-03-23 20:10:30 UTC

2017-03-23 20:10:32 UTC  


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2017-03-23 20:10:54 UTC  

where you find that google dox folder

2017-03-23 20:11:32 UTC  

a friend gave it to me

2017-03-23 20:13:09 UTC  

$12 for a year of vpn

2017-03-23 20:13:48 UTC  

but does it keep logs?

2017-03-23 20:13:52 UTC  

or work with strongswan?

2017-03-23 20:14:03 UTC  

idk i tried using a vpn for a weekend and gave up

2017-03-23 20:14:07 UTC  

fuck my privacy fam

2017-03-23 20:18:20 UTC  

Good news me and qt virgin Catholic girl are back together

2017-03-23 20:19:29 UTC  

good work @Brad's mobile

2017-03-23 20:20:10 UTC  

I am the first boy she has ever kissed

2017-03-23 20:20:13 UTC  

Wew lad

2017-03-23 20:20:15 UTC  


2017-03-23 20:20:30 UTC  

Sash before smash

2017-03-23 20:20:41 UTC  

dont fuck it up dude @Brad's mobile

2017-03-23 20:20:44 UTC  

shes pure mayne

2017-03-23 20:20:46 UTC  

and impressionable

2017-03-23 20:21:07 UTC  

Yeah need to get me a ring

2017-03-23 20:21:12 UTC  

How old RU

2017-03-23 20:21:19 UTC  

Ask for grandmas

2017-03-23 20:27:04 UTC  

Marine Le Penn's Instagram is cuck tier

2017-03-23 20:27:16 UTC  

*look at me and all these nigger children*

2017-03-23 20:27:26 UTC  


2017-03-23 20:27:30 UTC  

ruined my headcanon

2017-03-23 20:27:31 UTC  

arent they all

2017-03-23 20:27:45 UTC  

@Brad's mobile put a baby in her.

2017-03-23 20:27:57 UTC  

just one?

2017-03-23 20:28:11 UTC  

Nah 88

2017-03-23 20:28:26 UTC  

Keep her pregnant til menopause

2017-03-23 20:33:16 UTC Anglin's greatest troll yet: "

A white supremacist and neo-Nazi website condemned the racially-motivated sword slaying of a black man in New York City, with the admitted racists lamenting they will now be "unfairly discriminated against."

Daily Stormer founder Andrew Anglin wrote in a letter posted Thursday that alleged killer James Jackson "does not represent White Supremacy."

Jackson, a white Army veteran, is accused of plunging his 26-inch sword into 66-year-old Timothy Caughman in Midtown on Monday night.

"White Supremacy is a religion of peace, and the overwhelming majority of White Supremacists are peaceful members of society who do not agree with stabbing random black people with swords," Anglin wrote. "The attack has nothing at all to do with the religion of White Supremacy, and white supremacists are under no obligation to apologize for this attack."