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2017-03-24 07:19:08 UTC  

Fug I just remembered I have rum.

2017-03-24 07:22:39 UTC  

>TFW the trace amounts of floruide in the ice cubes is going to get in my body.

2017-03-24 07:22:48 UTC  

Fug XD

2017-03-24 07:28:00 UTC

2017-03-24 07:30:10 UTC

2017-03-24 07:32:34 UTC  

for people that want to do youtube stuff but don't want to show their face, facerig pro is on humblebundle hugely discounted:

2017-03-24 07:35:43 UTC  

>TFW too ugly to facefag

2017-03-24 07:36:41 UTC  

or just worried about your career or family

2017-03-24 07:37:46 UTC  

Well that goes without saying.

2017-03-24 07:43:45 UTC  

Hope you're doing well weev

2017-03-24 07:46:43 UTC  

Doesn't everyone have a balaclava for RWDS?

2017-03-24 07:54:14 UTC  

ive been better

2017-03-24 07:54:25 UTC  

a city less than two hours drive was evac'd

2017-03-24 07:54:33 UTC  

after russian attack and massive explosions

2017-03-24 07:54:55 UTC  

warzone moving real close

2017-03-24 07:59:01 UTC  

was interested in doing something like that but not wanting my face

2017-03-24 07:59:01 UTC  

russians attacking 2 hours from you?

2017-03-24 07:59:14 UTC  

weird, why was/is my text red

2017-03-24 07:59:32 UTC  

Stay safe, STALKER.

2017-03-24 08:00:09 UTC  

yes, be safe.

2017-03-24 08:03:07 UTC  

I'll keep you in my prayers dude, stay safe.

2017-03-24 08:04:04 UTC  

I as well.

2017-03-24 08:09:36 UTC  

ha how have i not seen this before

2017-03-24 08:09:37 UTC

2017-03-24 08:09:51 UTC  

nice trigger discipline commie, do it

2017-03-24 08:10:07 UTC  

It probably isn't even loaded but still.

2017-03-24 08:10:21 UTC  

>All these liberals with shite gun discipline

2017-03-24 08:10:21 UTC  

yeah and coud be a fake tweet

2017-03-24 08:10:39 UTC  

It still raises the point that liberals should never be trusted with a gun

2017-03-24 08:10:39 UTC  

yeah poor trigger discipline always sets me off lol

2017-03-24 08:10:45 UTC  

no they shouldnt

2017-03-24 08:11:00 UTC  

They argue that guns are really dangerous and shit but they're the ones who simply cannot use a gun safely

2017-03-24 08:11:07 UTC  

Because they're just foolish

2017-03-24 08:11:24 UTC  

And this is coming from a britfag who only has a .22 air rifle used to shoot crows and rabbits

2017-03-24 08:11:31 UTC  


2017-03-24 08:11:35 UTC  

yes they are

2017-03-24 08:11:47 UTC  

haha, britfag

2017-03-24 08:11:53 UTC  

at least you put it to good use

2017-03-24 08:12:05 UTC  

Oh aye, nothing better than rabbit stew

2017-03-24 08:12:51 UTC  

I have ran into one little problem with my air rifle however, the sight was knocked and I find myself shooting slightly right all the time, and I don't know shit about zeroing in or readjusting the sight

2017-03-24 08:13:03 UTC  

I know a lad who can do that sort of shit so I'll see about it with him I suppose.