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2017-03-24 08:58:32 UTC  

Whoever recommended the Helicopter Mom podcast, I think it was @Caerulus_Rex wow amazing podcast. Best upcoming. Women are officially allowed to make podcasts now if they are going to be this quality.

2017-03-24 09:12:13 UTC  

Hopefully GOP will pass this AHCA

2017-03-24 09:12:57 UTC  

I give zero fucks about it. Just want them to move on so Trump will be able to use tax cuts as a hostage to ram in immigration and the wall

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2017-03-24 11:00:25 UTC  

You double black niggers

2017-03-24 11:13:00 UTC  

No u

2017-03-24 11:37:35 UTC  

haha guaranteed replies

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2017-03-24 11:39:32 UTC  

wow the new banjo kazooie looks great

2017-03-24 11:40:36 UTC  

The Atlantic, 2022: "Is Zyklon B What's Killing Middle-Aged Jewish Americans?"

2017-03-24 12:07:01 UTC  

@everyone all yall neets n work-at-home types should hop up in dis bytch

2017-03-24 12:20:43 UTC  

Fuckin dad just got up and turned the fucking tv on loud

2017-03-24 12:20:48 UTC  

So now I can't talk

2017-03-24 12:21:03 UTC  

Fuck sake he can be the most annoying faggot atimes

2017-03-24 12:22:18 UTC  

Sometimes I hate being a young person tbh, I'd love independence

2017-03-24 12:23:07 UTC  

I'll be on later I guess if he goes to bed like he should

2017-03-24 12:23:19 UTC  

I never get a moment of peace and quiet

2017-03-24 12:24:10 UTC  


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2017-03-24 12:24:23 UTC  

Yeah pretty much

2017-03-24 12:24:28 UTC  


2017-03-24 12:24:35 UTC  

Fuck u dad, for working yourself into a crippled state

2017-03-24 12:24:45 UTC  

Nah I just can't power level hard

2017-03-24 12:24:48 UTC  

He's ok

2017-03-24 12:24:51 UTC  

Top bloke

2017-03-24 12:24:53 UTC  

let me assure you, he hates you too

2017-03-24 12:25:04 UTC  

Wouldn't deport / 10 even tho he's a Pom

2017-03-24 12:26:09 UTC  

I love my kids but I also hate them because I get home for only a few days and im tyrna fuck their mom like every ten minutes and the kids are constantly cock blocking

2017-03-24 12:26:27 UTC  

The Dad Pill

2017-03-24 12:26:31 UTC  

I have heard that is a massive cunt swindle from ppl tbh

2017-03-24 12:26:41 UTC  

I miss before kids because she was down for whenever wherever

2017-03-24 12:27:04 UTC  

Oh my wife is still dtf but the kids be screaming and won't go to sleep

2017-03-24 12:27:05 UTC  

Tfw still pure

2017-03-24 12:27:12 UTC  


2017-03-24 12:27:27 UTC  

Uhhh...good for you I guess

2017-03-24 12:27:28 UTC  

Volcel white sharia is the future

2017-03-24 12:27:34 UTC  

Robot wombs

2017-03-24 12:27:40 UTC  

You'll see mate it'll be top tier

2017-03-24 12:27:56 UTC  

I'm married to a woman I am very sexually attracted to