Message from northern_confederate in Vibrant Diversity #general

2017-03-25 18:43:23 UTC  

i hope eli goes full right wing general and leads the cucks into battle against antifa

2017-03-25 18:43:30 UTC  

i would cum

2017-03-25 18:43:39 UTC  


2017-03-25 18:43:41 UTC  

cucks would gladly murder jews as long as you call them liberals

2017-03-25 18:43:51 UTC  

its only going to take one person to hype these trump people up

2017-03-25 18:44:06 UTC  

and once they taste commie blood they wont ever stop

2017-03-25 18:44:08 UTC  

Lite the fires

2017-03-25 18:44:15 UTC  

lite the ovens

2017-03-25 18:44:15 UTC  

White ChimpOut

2017-03-25 18:44:26 UTC  

this is what im saying about playing to our strengths

2017-03-25 18:44:29 UTC  

we need white chimpouts

2017-03-25 18:44:39 UTC  

not really possible in the north cuz we have a limited white underclass

2017-03-25 18:44:48 UTC  

much easier to do in the south where that still exists

2017-03-25 18:45:00 UTC  

outside of california there is a white underclass

2017-03-25 18:45:01 UTC  

u need ppl who have nothing to lose

2017-03-25 18:45:06 UTC  

not in Jersey

2017-03-25 18:45:11 UTC  

or most of northeast

2017-03-25 18:45:15 UTC  

yes we do

2017-03-25 18:45:17 UTC  

So we want to revive the Skinheads?

2017-03-25 18:45:19 UTC  

but yeah I get ur point, its not just the south

2017-03-25 18:45:19 UTC  

i'm friends with some of them

2017-03-25 18:45:27 UTC  

I'd be in jail and child services would take my children

2017-03-25 18:45:34 UTC

2017-03-25 18:45:41 UTC  


2017-03-25 18:45:42 UTC  

or was before i got unfriended for racism, kek

2017-03-25 18:45:50 UTC  

what we need

2017-03-25 18:45:57 UTC  

is an undercalss with nothing to lose

2017-03-25 18:46:00 UTC  

thats what im saying

2017-03-25 18:46:09 UTC  

So Skinheads?

2017-03-25 18:46:09 UTC  

if we want direct action, its not gonna come from office jockeys

2017-03-25 18:46:14 UTC  

unfortunately they're mollified with opioids

2017-03-25 18:46:24 UTC  

perfectly according to (((plan)))

2017-03-25 18:46:34 UTC  

yes, dr. schwartz will dispense your pills now

2017-03-25 18:46:40 UTC  

and its not gonna happen in parts of the country where that class of white person has basically been ethnically cleansed

2017-03-25 18:46:50 UTC  

hahah sad but tru

2017-03-25 18:47:01 UTC  

not skinheads

2017-03-25 18:47:13 UTC  

itll come from artists, drop outs, and the like

2017-03-25 18:47:16 UTC  

I knew a lower class white kid who was above average IQ but ended up doing gay porno

2017-03-25 18:47:22 UTC  

not people with actual problems

2017-03-25 18:47:25 UTC  

because the jews promised him money

2017-03-25 18:47:26 UTC