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its just not a public thing

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Dude this has been a thing for a very long time

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i have NEVER heard the white space people

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Like this is 18th-19th century theories of European genisis

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get spencer to do a video on this

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fuck no

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get this to Trump stat

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he can barely do a video on thernovich

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"how the alt right will signal the return of the anunaki global government"

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let alone a video on esoteric Nordic-Atlantean Hyperborea

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We won't ever be able to tell if its true or not but at least it has more basis in ancient history or texts than out of africa does at this point

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no i want to do this just for the meme quality

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I want to troll hoteps

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"thats nice yall is connecting to your egyptian rock stacking heritage but we came here on spaceships tbh"

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"black savage hoteps stole our brains and we forgot our atlantian technology"

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aliens vs egyptians hieroglyphics uncovered
alien leader has a distinctive mustache

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yall was living in huts

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until we taught you how to make pyramids

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Jokes on you. Plato literally describes a ship/boat in the center of the Atlantean city which they came on.

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Irish only lived in huts because they rejected their previous technology as degenerate to the soul and knew we would end up here.

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Wyatt search yourself dude. It's in Plato's Timeaus and Critias.

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I even had one autiest explain that the way Plato describes the city is in the shape of a black sun but I haven't reread it with that understanding to verify.

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I made an fb page for white people hotep atlantean shit once

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The issue with looking into any of this sort of thing is there is so much autistic and retarded interuptations that are just as retarded as the next.

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ya but its arguably fun

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and would make black people really mad