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2017-04-07 05:47:02 UTC  

@MikeEnoch got suspended on twitter @everyone

2017-04-07 05:47:13 UTC  


2017-04-07 05:47:15 UTC  

Of coursh

2017-04-07 05:47:16 UTC  


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2017-04-07 05:47:22 UTC  

it toins out this enoch fellow isnt even chosen oy vey

2017-04-07 05:47:30 UTC  

21 Meme salute, everyone

2017-04-07 05:47:32 UTC  

You kno the drill

2017-04-07 05:47:41 UTC

2017-04-07 05:47:47 UTC  

This proves all the "Mike is a ZOG shill" tards wrong

2017-04-07 05:48:01 UTC  


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2017-04-07 05:49:33 UTC  

ya @FylnnGardian what up

2017-04-07 05:49:43 UTC  


2017-04-07 05:51:05 UTC  

what say you about Russia?

2017-04-07 05:51:27 UTC  


2017-04-07 05:51:41 UTC  

too soon to call

2017-04-07 05:51:50 UTC

2017-04-07 05:51:51 UTC  

Zuh brack pirr

2017-04-07 05:52:08 UTC  

Fox News is pushing for all out war

2017-04-07 05:52:15 UTC  

Mother fuckers

2017-04-07 05:52:29 UTC  

of coursh

2017-04-07 05:52:50 UTC  

(((FOX NEWS)))

2017-04-07 05:53:15 UTC  

Yaakov Curiel[edit]
Yaakov Koriel was born to a Jewish family which converted to Christianity under pressure from the Inquisition when Yaakov was a child. As a young man, Yaakov Koriel was a captain of the Spanish fleet until he was caught by the Inquisition. He was freed by his sailors, most of whom were marranos themselves. For many years after that his only goal was revenge. He had three pirate ships under his command. Little is known about what happened to him later. Some believe that eventually he made his way to the Holy Land, studied Kabbalah and died peacefully of old age.[6][8][18]

2017-04-07 05:53:25 UTC  

so what do they keep motzo balls on deck to prevent scurvy

2017-04-07 05:54:02 UTC  

I got rid of the teevee because I got tired of the propaganda, but now I miss the triggering

2017-04-07 05:54:12 UTC  

Can't keep up with the narrative

2017-04-07 05:56:51 UTC  

I hope putin doesn't drop nukes

2017-04-07 05:56:59 UTC  

I doubt it

2017-04-07 05:57:28 UTC  

he doesnt have the ability to harm us with any of his ICBMs

2017-04-07 05:57:37 UTC  

Hunter Wallace got Shoah'd tonight too

2017-04-07 05:57:50 UTC

2017-04-07 05:58:00 UTC  

Read the last couple of paragraphs

2017-04-07 05:58:09 UTC  
2017-04-07 05:58:27 UTC  

Still BS and irresponsible, but I doubt nuclear war

2017-04-07 05:58:43 UTC  

Not yet anyways. Plez scud Jerusalem Mr Assad