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2020-03-11 22:02:32 UTC  

is they fault doe

2020-03-11 22:02:36 UTC  

white devil

2020-03-11 22:07:58 UTC  

thos are very handsome giraffes, ngl

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2020-03-11 22:11:56 UTC  

They said they found the bodies, what did they take off?

2020-03-11 22:12:53 UTC  

Article is very light on facts

2020-03-11 22:15:08 UTC  

no, i don't think so

2020-03-11 22:15:33 UTC  

I believe not. Though in a population of billions, I'm sure you could find a handful of cases of anything

2020-03-11 22:15:33 UTC  

women dont have any love to give

2020-03-11 22:15:58 UTC  

t. pretends to be a female

2020-03-11 22:18:01 UTC  

not possible

2020-03-11 22:18:05 UTC  

unless shes mentally ill

2020-03-11 22:18:14 UTC  

in which case, you wont want her love

2020-03-11 22:18:33 UTC  

So try to find a mentally ill spouse that's not too mentally ill

2020-03-11 22:18:38 UTC  

So something like bipolar?

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2020-03-11 22:18:51 UTC  

thats the worse polar

2020-03-11 22:19:37 UTC  

It's a bleak lonely existence, Darth <:pepesad:640411393329201162>

2020-03-11 22:19:52 UTC  

For middle aged old white men and moi <:pepesad:640411393329201162>

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2020-03-11 22:21:48 UTC  

Men suicide rates skyrocket in middle age

2020-03-11 22:22:15 UTC  

Maybe due to testosterone drop <:pepehmm:665379100185198592>

2020-03-11 22:22:38 UTC  

do they have detailed records including male sucide rates from the middle ages

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2020-03-11 22:23:27 UTC  

Be self-sufficient: “Happiness belongs to those who are sufficient unto themselves. For all external sources of happiness and pleasure, are by their very nature, highly uncertain, precarious, ephemeral and subject to chance.” <:pepesad:640411393329201162>

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2020-03-11 22:26:30 UTC  

Lol. The trouble this sign could have saved me in life.

2020-03-11 22:30:58 UTC  

so Dr. Who has an origin story now, and is permanently a female?

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2020-03-11 22:33:59 UTC  

Stream #427 about it im watching now

2020-03-11 22:34:18 UTC  

I havent watched any of the current doctor, so it hit me hard when they did this

2020-03-11 22:34:31 UTC  

I watched half of her debut ep

2020-03-11 22:34:51 UTC  

when she told another character "Only cowards carry knives" I cut the TV off and never watched the rest

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2020-03-11 22:35:51 UTC  

only u can prevent knife crime

2020-03-11 22:36:05 UTC  

Now they retconned the Doctor to have originally been a small black girl

2020-03-11 22:36:25 UTC  

and was the original Timelord and they all stole their power from her

2020-03-11 22:36:40 UTC