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2020-03-12 00:31:59 UTC  

@TheUserNameofPeace Did you not get the point of my post?

2020-03-12 00:32:02 UTC  

none of the literature indicates that ivy league even comes close to being worth the extra cost

2020-03-12 00:32:11 UTC  

nah she had just a cough as far as ive seen

2020-03-12 00:32:12 UTC  

"Just like she likes her men."

2020-03-12 00:32:15 UTC  

go to the best in state school

2020-03-12 00:32:18 UTC  

I mean, seriously, people here gave you good advice, over and over, take it or leave it

2020-03-12 00:32:20 UTC  

You can go outside

2020-03-12 00:32:25 UTC  

have to rebuild my block list

2020-03-12 00:32:25 UTC  

on scholarship

2020-03-12 00:32:25 UTC  


2020-03-12 00:32:30 UTC  

I just need ways to stop stress

2020-03-12 00:32:31 UTC  

oh damn imagine not having a scholarship

2020-03-12 00:32:34 UTC  

why go to uni

2020-03-12 00:32:35 UTC  

I don't want to leave the house

2020-03-12 00:32:45 UTC  

That's stress adding bro

2020-03-12 00:32:45 UTC  

to stop stress, just cope

2020-03-12 00:32:49 UTC  

you are definitely too dumb for it sorry

2020-03-12 00:32:50 UTC  

You can't shit inside constantly

2020-03-12 00:32:55 UTC  

You have to move your body

2020-03-12 00:32:55 UTC  


2020-03-12 00:32:57 UTC  


2020-03-12 00:32:59 UTC  

Kiss girls

2020-03-12 00:33:00 UTC  

get a job at a gas station and learn to be normal

2020-03-12 00:33:01 UTC  

think things like

2020-03-12 00:33:02 UTC  

Get COVID-19

2020-03-12 00:33:02 UTC  


2020-03-12 00:33:08 UTC  

dont go outside

2020-03-12 00:33:10 UTC  

not even once

2020-03-12 00:33:11 UTC  

"my future will be great"

2020-03-12 00:33:14 UTC  

I'm becoming a cold manipulating sociopath who viciosuly derides his mother to deal with stress and I need a way to stop

2020-03-12 00:33:15 UTC  

do some service to mexicans and blacks and asians, it will ground you

2020-03-12 00:33:16 UTC  

@Smoke stop me

2020-03-12 00:33:18 UTC  

"I'm attractive"

2020-03-12 00:33:20 UTC  

I barely go outside and am probably going to die now

2020-03-12 00:33:24 UTC  

I should have not gone

2020-03-12 00:33:27 UTC  

Then stop being a bitch about it TRC

2020-03-12 00:33:44 UTC  

it's so over

2020-03-12 00:33:45 UTC  

bro help us bring s*ciety down

2020-03-12 00:33:50 UTC  

my life goal is to go to a random tribe in africa and convice them this is a real picture and get them to worship it

2020-03-12 00:33:52 UTC  

You have a choice to accept your parents help and conditions or go on your own