Message from Zatoichi in #general

2020-03-12 04:52:17 UTC  

Maybe you can find a girl for enjo kosai

2020-03-12 04:52:21 UTC  

I'm going to Tokyo after the apocalypse

2020-03-12 04:52:42 UTC

2020-03-12 04:52:43 UTC  

but you have to read and speak japanese to contact the girls like that

2020-03-12 04:53:21 UTC  

Watashi wa gaijin desu enjo kosai

2020-03-12 04:53:30 UTC  

very rarely do schoolgirls speak english, so you have to speak japanese to get through to them

2020-03-12 04:53:42 UTC  

What is google translate

2020-03-12 04:53:52 UTC  

one word: okinawa

2020-03-12 04:54:06 UTC  

Gonna get sum

2020-03-12 04:54:32 UTC  

I hope she lets me smell her ****

2020-03-12 04:54:41 UTC  

jap girls in okinawa aren't as into foreigners as there is some tension between the military base and locals

2020-03-12 04:55:06 UTC  

its a joke

2020-03-12 04:55:31 UTC  

go north to hokkaido, or west of japan, they rarely get foreigners there so your value goes way up

2020-03-12 04:55:41 UTC  

I ain't fucking no Ainu!

2020-03-12 04:55:49 UTC  

go to the middle on mongolia

2020-03-12 04:56:02 UTC  

become a sheep herder

2020-03-12 04:56:10 UTC  

take boomer mother with you

2020-03-12 04:56:15 UTC

2020-03-12 04:56:18 UTC  

Is this true

2020-03-12 04:56:26 UTC  

That’s crazy

2020-03-12 04:56:34 UTC  

I hope we all die! 😄

2020-03-12 04:56:37 UTC  

yes I saw it somewhere else on FB

2020-03-12 04:56:37 UTC  

What about gas stations

2020-03-12 04:56:41 UTC  

We will all die

2020-03-12 04:56:45 UTC  

Don’t worry

2020-03-12 04:56:46 UTC  

you sure

2020-03-12 04:56:53 UTC  

I think its still gonna blow over

2020-03-12 04:56:59 UTC  

I’m 100% sure

2020-03-12 04:57:02 UTC  

I think they just need to slow the spread so that hospitals don't get overwhelmed

2020-03-12 04:57:04 UTC  

Yeah, the sun will turn into a neutered star and swallow the galaxy

2020-03-12 04:57:07 UTC  

This won’t end well

2020-03-12 04:57:20 UTC  

It’s neutron star

2020-03-12 04:57:21 UTC  

in a couple billion years the sun is going to go supernova

2020-03-12 04:57:30 UTC  

and our star isnt massive enough to become one

2020-03-12 04:57:31 UTC  

hospitals already are letting old people die

2020-03-12 04:57:43 UTC  

and prioritizing younger patients

2020-03-12 04:57:52 UTC  

epstein island lookin pretty good right about now.. 😉

2020-03-12 04:57:55 UTC  

Von Neuman probes are already in our solar system.

2020-03-12 04:58:01 UTC  

Trivia. The only force in the universe strong enough to keep Neutron stars from collapsing into black holes is degeneracy

2020-03-12 04:58:24 UTC  

No wonder jews are so powerful

2020-03-12 04:58:46 UTC  

The worst part is that all of these cosmic pehonomena will rip away the past and render your sexual conquests null