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2017-04-09 02:45:41 UTC  

*Deep Impact*

2017-04-09 02:45:55 UTC  

"Jews on the Rag: How I Learned to Hate"

2017-04-09 02:46:11 UTC  

*This Is How We Jew It, An Alt Right Saga*

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Me irl

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#WallsNotWars is a great slogan tbh

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That's a bit much..

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2017-04-09 03:03:25 UTC  

T H O T. G E N O C I D E. N O W.

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2017-04-09 03:09:22 UTC  

Woooo we have a video of me throwing antifa! It'll be uploaded tomorrow!

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2017-04-09 03:10:32 UTC  

You make me proud to be white, @Eli Mosley

2017-04-09 03:11:16 UTC  

@Eli Mosley I could have sworn I heard you scream white power

2017-04-09 03:12:03 UTC  

@Eli Mosley was there any antifa contact of Spencer?

2017-04-09 03:12:17 UTC  

I hope next time that Richard gives more of a heads up so that more people would come. Would be cool to do a really big AltRight with everyone from TRS to Identiy Europa to even like Traditional Workers Party guys

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2017-04-09 03:13:09 UTC  

lol da fuzz tried to get eli

2017-04-09 03:13:29 UTC  

I want to see antifa outnumbered 10 to 1 so we can watch them shit their pants.

2017-04-09 03:15:04 UTC  

@☇Unlimited Power☇ that's likely not feasible right now

2017-04-09 03:15:10 UTC  

At least in a lot of cities

2017-04-09 03:15:56 UTC

2017-04-09 03:16:06 UTC  

im a little spooked

2017-04-09 03:16:21 UTC  

Damn @Eli Mosley was looking to take some fucking antifa heads off

2017-04-09 03:16:28 UTC  

@Convo spoopy

2017-04-09 03:22:04 UTC  

@Convo git gud tiny skeleton.

2017-04-09 03:25:36 UTC  

I didn't scream white power but my voice was dead on that mic. Yea they shot a faggot glitter bomb at Spencer and I chased the guy down and threw him on the ground face first. @SwiFT that basically what happened but Richard didn't pin his tweet till like 10am when I told him too. It was a short notice but we had a decent crowd. With a weeks notice we could've gotten 100 more ppl there.

2017-04-09 03:28:07 UTC  

internet aristocrat on suciide watch

2017-04-09 03:29:27 UTC  
2017-04-09 03:30:11 UTC  

"Did you vote for the man, or for the position?

2017-04-09 03:32:06 UTC  

All around me are shitskin faces
Worn out races, worn out races
Bright and early for their daily ackbar
Bombing cities, urban centers

White blood is flowing through the streets and
aloha snackbar, aloha snackbar
Kill our wives, and fucking rape our children
no more white folks, no more white folks