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2017-04-09 06:11:27 UTC  

My hair throws your hair on the ground and laughs

2017-04-09 06:11:45 UTC  

But my hair isn't fat and ugly

2017-04-09 06:11:51 UTC  

Just kidding

2017-04-09 06:11:54 UTC  


2017-04-09 06:12:28 UTC  

Ur sext AF eli

2017-04-09 06:12:43 UTC  

You're sexy AF Eli

2017-04-09 06:12:47 UTC  


2017-04-09 06:13:23 UTC  

So serious up in here

2017-04-09 06:13:26 UTC

2017-04-09 06:13:32 UTC  

Fucking Saturdays

2017-04-09 06:13:34 UTC  

i will never not love this photo

2017-04-09 06:13:40 UTC  

Cant trust them

2017-04-09 06:13:50 UTC  

Spencer made anime real

2017-04-09 06:14:21 UTC  

Wow such an epic picture

2017-04-09 06:14:30 UTC  

I can't believe he is 40

2017-04-09 06:15:48 UTC  

atleast he isn't fucking pinoys

2017-04-09 06:15:54 UTC  


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2017-04-09 06:17:35 UTC  

Love lives here faggots

2017-04-09 06:17:52 UTC  

why hasn't she been gassed yet

2017-04-09 06:18:52 UTC  

So jealous

2017-04-09 06:19:25 UTC  

@Lupus_Dei - NC that cant be real

2017-04-09 06:20:51 UTC  

Its 100% serious

2017-04-09 06:21:45 UTC  

Tweet link

2017-04-09 06:22:45 UTC  

I asume it got deleted.

2017-04-09 06:22:54 UTC  

But jesus fucking christ.

2017-04-09 06:25:05 UTC  

If normies fall for that shit human civilization deserves to die in hellfire.

2017-04-09 06:27:04 UTC  

They already have, don't you see them all posting about how great it is we attacked Syria?

2017-04-09 06:28:19 UTC  

I got into an hour long argument with my boomer father about how it was fake and sent him link after link, video after video proving it was a false flag. They refuse to accept it. They have been fully brainwashed

2017-04-09 06:28:23 UTC  

I avoid normies at times like this so I dont get too blackpilled and get a bowlcut.

2017-04-09 06:29:34 UTC  

the eternal boomer and mini boomer

2017-04-09 06:29:45 UTC  

"You cannot change their mind even if you expose them to authentic information. Even if you prove that white is white and black is black, you still can not change the basic perception and the logic of behavior."

2017-04-09 06:30:16 UTC  

Bezmenov was right

2017-04-09 06:31:42 UTC  

"A person who was demoralized is unable to assess true information. The facts tell nothing to him, even if I shower him with information, with authentic proof, with documents and pictures. ...he will refuse to believe it.... That's the tragedy of the situation of demoralization."

2017-04-09 06:32:28 UTC  


2017-04-09 06:32:40 UTC  

i literally don't know what to think atm

2017-04-09 06:35:24 UTC

2017-04-09 06:35:30 UTC  

now that debunks that