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I want that mug ironically

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Israeli defense chief wouldn’t be surprised if somebody assassinates Iranian president_

The murder of a top Hamas operative last month was an inside job, Israel’s Defense Minister has claimed, adding he would “not be surprised” if “somebody” eventually assassinates one of the fundamentalist organization’s most ardent supporters – the president of Iran.

Following the shooting of senior Hamas member Mazen Faqha in the Gaza Strip in late March, the Palestinian liberation movement went on to blame Israel for the assassination, vowing a “divine punishment” to his assassins.

While Hamas' internal investigation into the assassination was reportedly completed, Israel's Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman told the Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper, that internal assassinations are characteristic of the group.

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wyatt has the best memes

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@Vanguard i hope israel starts shit with iran and iran nukes them.

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I could fap to that

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issue is their sampson program so good thing we have missile defences there

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It's not like any white people would die if they nuked london, paris, berlin, edt

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but the second and third order of effects of a nuclear strike would

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/loss of some iconic cities for europeon identity and history

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That wasn't a serious suggestion, just a blackpilling joke

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I know fam

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Fuck it, S I E G E P I L L time

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See you guys never

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That image is so well made

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I quit

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I'm opting out. This shits too far gone

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@BershaeS you cant be the niggas for life crew with a white jew telling you what to do.

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@BershaeS Is that a real thing?

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Saw this at the holocaust museum the other day. Based nazi sword cutting the Jew into pieces. It's signed "schlomo swindler 14"

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It was mentioned in a recent shoah

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Did you make it to the DC protest?

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Yes sir

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Good man.

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Fuck y'all

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I hope that at least happens.

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If anywhere needs it

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sweet--all my old school friends will cry

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carelus I cant hear u

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Hahahaha commiefornians btfo

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Kek smiles as he strikes fear in the commie.