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@everyone ya son dis voice chat is still bumpin

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Muslim killdozer when?

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Not soon enough

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i can watch this video 100 x and never get sick of it. I have this shit on a billboard^ near my house

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The Killdozer had:

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>In places the armor was a foot thick composite of steel and concrete
>Visibility was done remotely with armored cameras
>Closable steel casements for his guns, all usuable by one man
>Fucking air-conditioning

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read that description^

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From above:
Funny enough, this isn’t the first kind of attack in Colorado. In 1998, a man named Tom Leask conducted an attack with a government owned front end loader in Alma, Colorado. He managed to destroy the town’s post office, town hall, fire department, and water department until he was shot dead.

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@YUGE @Soap Merchant We must know what happened to it.

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it was dismantled for scrap and taken to many different yards

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Not surprised. Wonder if he did it off the cuff or there's plans he made (not that there'd be access to them, anyway)

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Composite steel/concrete armor is some interesting shit. Wow.

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"Basically this thing was like a badass fucking combination of a Panther tank, a garbage truck, the antagonist from Maximum Overdrive and Optimus Prime in truck mode."

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TFW I wanted to work in the (((music industry))) prior to redpilling.

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Killdozer was my hero in my lolbertarian days.

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fuck zoning laws