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2018-02-16 06:51:29 UTC  

copy and paste

2018-02-16 06:51:58 UTC  

MSM is so fake...I can't stand it...never even watch.

2018-02-16 06:52:12 UTC  

@Jettins What does that box mean?

2018-02-16 06:52:32 UTC  

i bounced up and down the spectrum to see if anybody even fox sees the truth.

2018-02-16 06:52:40 UTC  

Any idea what could happen in “T-minus[12:34]” from todays post with @jack

2018-02-16 06:52:41 UTC  

It means we need patience.

2018-02-16 06:52:44 UTC  

Yep..MSM is dead to me

2018-02-16 06:53:09 UTC  

msm is only good for entertainment, but not for news unless it's weather or sports.

2018-02-16 06:53:13 UTC  

2018-02-16 06:53:24 UTC  

After reading Q drops and many articles elsewhere. .....My thoughts......big pharma participates in mk ultra type programs along with corrupt cia and fbi. They have many brainwashed victims who they can turn on and off like a light switch to perform false flag events like florida. Smart Phones are used to control brainwashed victims and turn them on and off. Don’t know about blackberry. So, pharma, corrupt cia and fbi and big pharma are working together to control all of us.

2018-02-16 06:53:35 UTC  

That is why I am here. Hate MSM

2018-02-16 06:53:53 UTC  

2018-02-16 06:53:55 UTC  

been monitoring crap with the latest flu deaths

2018-02-16 06:54:11 UTC  

What was the exact time the [12:34] message came out? Just add 12 hours and 34 minutes to it maybe...and that is the time tomorrow something happens

2018-02-16 06:54:13 UTC  

I agree #esther

2018-02-16 06:54:21 UTC  

Population control

2018-02-16 06:54:30 UTC  

For me it was at 14:28

2018-02-16 06:54:36 UTC  

when they already have a name for it in cdc speak, they already developed it prior to releasing it to general public

2018-02-16 06:54:43 UTC  

So 12:24 would be at 3:02

2018-02-16 06:54:55 UTC  

Just waiting for something to drop

2018-02-16 06:55:07 UTC  

i stopped taking flu shots about 20yrs ago, 15yrs ago i stopped getting the flu

2018-02-16 06:55:08 UTC  

@drp0744 what time zone are you in?

2018-02-16 06:55:16 UTC  


2018-02-16 06:55:35 UTC  

q drops are normally pm est

2018-02-16 06:55:46 UTC  

So it will be around 3 pm perhaps

2018-02-16 06:56:40 UTC  

3am. Wich is in an hour and I’m excited but I also know I won’t know about it

2018-02-16 06:56:46 UTC  

i also have a twitter acc under same nick, if u look at q drops for same date as mine some sync up, others either before or after q drops. but we're not affilated.

2018-02-16 06:56:55 UTC  

Q is the hot girl that makes you work for it

2018-02-16 06:57:27 UTC  

I live in it will be 1 here...lets see if something happens

2018-02-16 06:57:39 UTC  

if q was really a hot girl, tell her i'll go down on her til she screams or i die.

2018-02-16 06:58:12 UTC  

2018-02-16 06:58:16 UTC  

You just gave Q a #metoo moment

2018-02-16 06:58:44 UTC  

Q dropped so much today...I couldn't believe it

2018-02-16 06:58:46 UTC  

2018-02-16 06:58:54 UTC  

earlier today saw 4 grey copters moving north bound in 2 by 2 formation thru my city. they weren't army/navy/af/marine ones but they sounded like them

2018-02-16 06:59:54 UTC  

they looked like civilian copters like the ones local police and news uses. but they sounded military

2018-02-16 07:00:14 UTC  

He seems to be posting more and more as we learn

2018-02-16 07:00:16 UTC  

2018-02-16 07:00:24 UTC  

@SirW00f what city?

2018-02-16 07:00:31 UTC  

btw, those copters, had no numbers on them. just grey all around.

2018-02-16 07:00:35 UTC