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Hi from've got friends in Australia

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Hi Skippy

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I'm San diego

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Hi Patrick

2018-02-16 11:30:33 UTC  

Are you new to platform

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HI I am also in Oz.. red pilled all the way back in 2006

2018-02-16 11:30:52 UTC  

From Melbourne..hi

2018-02-16 11:30:52 UTC  

Hi tim

2018-02-16 11:30:58 UTC  

I spent time in nz

2018-02-16 11:31:09 UTC  

Worked on tv animation for u

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Hi Tim

2018-02-16 11:31:31 UTC  

HAhahah Im in Melbs too

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This is general chat I was wonk here a while ago and bounced around the rooms before knowinf

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Well you got a couple of buddies in your backyard

2018-02-16 11:32:06 UTC  

It's late her in San Diego

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I'm going to say goodnight good luck with platform

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Ok guys too.....late in ozland....glad to be on platform...Thank you're a real inspiration....back tomorrow...cheers

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Hi everyone, hi Dustin Nemos, keep up the good work. 😄

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Good morning patriots

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Greetings from Japan!

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Good morning to you all

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Dustin is very calm, I enjoy hearing him. His voice is in tune with my ears. I'm thankful for the truth communities.

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@netwarrior007 Hi welcome.

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Hey? You Americans do realise that the Democrats are quietly winning small rural seats? Its because - you guessed it - Soros is funding the removal of Republican judges from your rural areas. There must be some legislation somewhere that prevents foreign investment in political campaigns in your country. NOTE: I'm Australian, but the thing is, as far as the west is concerned, if America goes under to the NWO, then the West goes with, yeah, it involves Australians too. OK, now, the key is Soros and the mid-terms. I read somewhere that Soros SUPPLIES these voting machines ! Surely theres something that can be done about that ? Surely...thoughts? Or is it 'taken care of'?

2018-02-16 12:20:22 UTC  

Remember the silent majority surprise on election night. When the good guys start making big moves, even they will be surprised at the amount of people cheering them on. This really is bigger than most can imagine.

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Good morning to Trumps patriotic deplorable Army commanded by the commander Q.

2018-02-16 12:22:35 UTC  

I'm dealing with 'the tyranny of distance' here - good for plagues but not NWO takeovers