Message from Ilya Muromets in Vibrant Diversity #general

2017-04-15 05:23:22 UTC  

lol nice Koba

2017-04-15 05:23:40 UTC  

tfw you will never hunt down niggers from a soviet gunship

2017-04-15 05:23:45 UTC  

y even live

2017-04-15 05:24:09 UTC  

this one girl ive been seeing but super cautious on is a helicopter pilot and a mechanic....i could get her to be my pilot for missions

2017-04-15 05:24:34 UTC  

popular guy lol holy shit

2017-04-15 05:25:37 UTC  

this is great

2017-04-15 05:26:04 UTC  

@Ilya Muromets na we are taking care of that. But I was in a pre-law program before getting kicked out for a racist chimpout and took 2 certifications for my current job with just the test and taught myself everything for it before. I could totally pass the bar if I was allowed without the degree if given some time for show prep.

2017-04-15 05:26:30 UTC  

@Caerulus_Rex if you blast this out of your truck then you're the man

2017-04-15 05:27:30 UTC

2017-04-15 05:27:50 UTC

2017-04-15 05:27:53 UTC  

bitch bouta take off

2017-04-15 05:28:09 UTC  

fire up the rotors

2017-04-15 05:28:21 UTC  

malted milk ball lookin muthafucka

2017-04-15 05:28:38 UTC  

@Eli Mosley ah i didnt know you were studying law. good man. but you? chimping out on people???? no.....

2017-04-15 05:29:05 UTC  

@BershaeS hahahah holy shit

2017-04-15 05:29:32 UTC  

yeah bro he chimped bigly on some antifa

2017-04-15 05:29:43 UTC  

@Eli Mosley must have had a potata moment

2017-04-15 05:29:44 UTC  

pounded this untermensch into the pavement

2017-04-15 05:29:46 UTC  

lol i know how eli operates 😛

2017-04-15 05:29:54 UTC  

he's one mad cunt

2017-04-15 05:30:24 UTC  

i still have yet to see him use his headbutt in action

2017-04-15 05:30:29 UTC  


2017-04-15 05:30:30 UTC  

thats what i crave

2017-04-15 05:30:44 UTC  

with the size of that dome he'll wreck some skeletal structures

2017-04-15 05:30:50 UTC  

yeah dude

2017-04-15 05:30:53 UTC  

eli mosley coming in like a fucking wrecking ball

2017-04-15 05:31:15 UTC  

not miley cyrus style

2017-04-15 05:31:23 UTC  

eli should just start classic brownshirting it up

2017-04-15 05:32:06 UTC  

its a pretty swanky look tbh

2017-04-15 05:32:16 UTC  

he'd be extra brutal looking in it

2017-04-15 05:32:30 UTC

2017-04-15 05:33:18 UTC  

TFW taunting one of the writers of on twitter and he calls me a basement dweller lol

2017-04-15 05:33:30 UTC  

what's his @?

2017-04-15 05:33:32 UTC