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well the nerds created the internet

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for the jocks

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yeah true that

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but the nerds control it

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Bill from IT has more power then the CEO

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ok, got a new term for libtards - informatis declined

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kinda like mechanically declined and socially declined

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computer says no

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libtards are also truth declined

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and free though declined

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at this current point in time, saying ur 'college educated' means ur mentally programmed to think media is truth while honest observation is lies

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it's social subjection of their minds from free thinker to slave minded

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I'm no fashion maven but rather peculiar that the recent footage released would find RBG sporting the exact same attire ( coat, scarf, glasses, pants... right down to the similar pitter patter of those tiny clog heels ) that she sported one year ago in this tmz video. Realizing that people are sometimes "creatures" of habit... but very curious indeed.

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Pretty Sure it's a fake. Look at earlier Videos, her shoulders drooped forward more, from curve of the spine.

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agreed... the one just above you is from 2018 - there was one posted in here yesterday dated 2/18/19 - comparing/contrasting the two.

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I know her reply on 2019 TMZ was very brief, but is it possible to do a voice pattern recognition?

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that last video is the april 2018 one

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this is the new one

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correct... I'm not nearly her age - but if I just underwent the reported medical care she went through - by God I'd be asking for a wheel chair and a more secured exit.

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ya, i would have believed it if she was in a wheelchair

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@lmbd - listen to her foot steps in both vids... nearly an exact match. One would think that they would be different even if wearing the same shoes after lengthy medical treatment. This would take OCD to an entirely different level. Lucky coat, lucky scarf, lucky pants, lucky shoes.... mathematically improbable? "coincidence"?

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Well now I have to listen carefully...

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I would expect nothing less. 😉

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the steps don't seem to quite match within the second video.. not sure if theere would be an echo delay? So here are the other things I was thinking... would TMZ send out the same reporter? Could they fake the video- as in all the warnings about manipulating videos with tech?

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I would expect a slower cadence after a number of months of health issues and recovery. There was, with my mom at that age.

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tmz uses contract video reporters "gonzo paparazzi" - they only get paid for the footage they submit. Multiple "gonzos" post up at the airports. The only main differences I noticed were her guards and her escort.

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It still just doesn't smell quite right... but we will soon find out.

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Yes, I was thinking that the 'reporter" might choose the same person to follow...esp with the amount of public interest. .

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Anyway... The recent Q drops are much more important than old Ruthy.

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Curiouser and curiouser, Trump has repeated 2 different tweets this am:

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Different : cities vs states and were vs where