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2017-04-21 01:48:21 UTC  

is this about discharge

2017-04-21 01:48:23 UTC  


2017-04-21 01:48:25 UTC  

its about discharge

2017-04-21 01:48:32 UTC  

just when you're trying them on

2017-04-21 01:48:52 UTC  

So this guy says what he'd do is spy a hot chick in a store and follow her around until she goes to the changing room.

2017-04-21 01:48:55 UTC  

but why would you not wear underwear while trying on these things

2017-04-21 01:49:16 UTC  

badtanman did not stop stealing women's underwear to sniff after reading that post, however

2017-04-21 01:49:18 UTC  

And after she left the stuff she didn't want to be re-shelved he'd swipe the liners.

2017-04-21 01:49:33 UTC  

So he could sniff them and beat off.

2017-04-21 01:49:36 UTC  


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2017-04-21 01:49:43 UTC  


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2017-04-21 01:49:58 UTC  

So we should put him on a wall and shoot him.

2017-04-21 01:50:00 UTC  

Hooray Jim from Fatherland!

2017-04-21 01:50:03 UTC  

Is what your saying.

2017-04-21 01:50:21 UTC  

no that would be illegal, just saying if he were pranked i wouldn't be able to identify who did it

2017-04-21 01:50:23 UTC  

I would have never thought to do that I don't think we can afford to lose such a mind.

2017-04-21 01:50:24 UTC  


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2017-04-21 01:50:48 UTC  

MAkes me think

2017-04-21 01:51:05 UTC  

What about Jim?

2017-04-21 01:52:50 UTC  
2017-04-21 01:53:06 UTC  

Uh oh, is this him being unable to banter?

2017-04-21 01:53:40 UTC  

Oh, right.

2017-04-21 01:53:54 UTC  

Jim is like the anti-dingo, cannot into bantz

2017-04-21 01:54:15 UTC  

if he set foot on your godforsaken island he'd either combust or australia would implode into a black hole

2017-04-21 01:55:05 UTC  

If Jim was my dad I bet I would have hanged myself one night after he obliterated my self-esteem and will to live with an idle comment and didn't even realize it.

2017-04-21 01:55:48 UTC  

i'm usually tying a noose by hour 3 of the fatherland tbh

2017-04-21 01:58:43 UTC  

Mad AF on twitter and

2017-04-21 01:58:52 UTC  

why fam

2017-04-21 01:59:09 UTC  

I can't even get back in que for svens show...feels bad

2017-04-21 01:59:23 UTC  

All call-in, is it?

2017-04-21 01:59:28 UTC  


2017-04-21 02:00:07 UTC  

I was so excited I waited 40 mins then the call dropped. It's not his fault I was just looking forward to it. Ah well next time

2017-04-21 02:00:26 UTC  

RIP stream

2017-04-21 02:00:30 UTC  


2017-04-21 02:00:32 UTC  

Sven didn't take enough calls

2017-04-21 02:00:47 UTC  

rigged stream

2017-04-21 02:00:54 UTC