Message from Robert Spengler in Vibrant Diversity #general

2017-04-29 07:26:42 UTC  
2017-04-29 07:27:22 UTC  

I think i got stickman to pull the pic of our goy

2017-04-29 07:27:38 UTC  

gotta check more places

2017-04-29 07:28:58 UTC  

Wut pic?

2017-04-29 07:29:59 UTC  


2017-04-29 07:32:00 UTC  

pissed my mic sucks. think it has something to do with my computer being dead for a week, who knows though

2017-04-29 07:32:32 UTC  

wedding registry, hanging drywall, other bullshit

2017-04-29 07:36:48 UTC  

@FascistFather did you try going into voice settings

2017-04-29 07:37:11 UTC  

i did

2017-04-29 07:37:21 UTC  

changed a few things, not helping

2017-04-29 07:37:31 UTC  

Boost volume?

2017-04-29 07:37:35 UTC  

i even closed discord and restarted it

2017-04-29 07:37:41 UTC  

did that

2017-04-29 07:38:10 UTC  

Hmm maybe it's your mic

2017-04-29 07:39:18 UTC  

i'll shut my computer all the way down tonight and hope for better results tomorrow

2017-04-29 07:39:51 UTC  

i'll pull one of you aside tomorrow and have you help me get it back in check

2017-04-29 07:40:57 UTC  

i'm dicking with 250 worth of audio equipment, i'm sure it's not the equipment itself because it always works otherwise

2017-04-29 07:42:31 UTC  

don't do that interview... don't talk to those jews

2017-04-29 07:42:48 UTC  

(theme of under pressure)

2017-04-29 07:43:07 UTC

2017-04-29 07:43:55 UTC

2017-04-29 07:49:51 UTC  

Those calvinist memes top kek.

2017-04-29 07:51:03 UTC

2017-04-29 07:52:09 UTC  

@FemaCampBandLeader-CA one that he thought was antifa, because the guy stole his sign/shield that was in a bag, pic had antifa guy with that

2017-04-29 07:52:19 UTC  

bit of the sun wheel showing thru a tear

2017-04-29 07:52:59 UTC  

other side of pic had goyim with his sign/shield and wearing a respirator

2017-04-29 07:53:11 UTC  

but i got him to pull that shit off FB and twitter it appears

2017-04-29 07:53:32 UTC  

@Eli Mosley told me about it and i went to work

2017-04-29 07:54:04 UTC  

didnt want antifa to be able to dox him from the pic from fucking stickman's stupidity

2017-04-29 07:54:45 UTC  

i even sent him a video showing him "this fucking guy is on your side and helping people in this brawl, not antifa, ur putting him at fucking risk take this shit down"

2017-04-29 07:54:56 UTC  

well i worded it more sweetly

2017-04-29 07:55:02 UTC  

but he listened to me

2017-04-29 08:28:45 UTC  

Stickman makes me want the night of long knives to come for the alt light