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Its actually excellent @Lars. Were all nice and spread out making us hard to control.

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@Vanguard I have pit bulls so I guess I'm a nigger.

2017-05-02 01:24:59 UTC  

They're nigger dogs. The breed has been poorly bred for decades. Nearly as bad as the American German shepherd

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Antifa is starting to show up here in Houston, need more of these local groups to show up to events

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Sorry for your luck friendo

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I actually hope antifa starts shooting people if they turn the college campuses into warzones.
1. shitloads of POC die in the crossfire.
2. White fathers stop sending their daughters to commie indoctrination camp
3. the alt-light joins us or dies.

2017-05-02 01:25:34 UTC  

antifa starts shooting shit en masse that means I get an expense paid visit and free ammo from tax payers

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They havent been that porly bred, bred to be larger faster and meaner. But the thing is that even the mean ones are nice to there owners

2017-05-02 01:25:59 UTC  

When a working dog is bred for aesthetics before character, the nature of the breed is destroyed

2017-05-02 01:26:18 UTC  

They were bread for character

2017-05-02 01:26:22 UTC  

they wanted them to be angry

2017-05-02 01:26:36 UTC  

>mfw vanguard stockpiles his free gubmint ammo and just kills antifa with a bayonet

2017-05-02 01:26:37 UTC  

That's the best dog there ever was right there. Anybody doesn't like it can suk muh 😉

2017-05-02 01:26:38 UTC  

pitbulls were bread by anglos you realise right

2017-05-02 01:26:45 UTC  

Pit bulls are unreliable. The breed was destroyed for the bully pit look

2017-05-02 01:26:56 UTC  

they are almost illigal in the uk

2017-05-02 01:27:07 UTC  

@northern_confederate But they weigh 90 lbs so steel core rounds will be a tad much but welcomed

2017-05-02 01:27:19 UTC  

The pit bull of today is nothing like the pit of 50 yrs ago

2017-05-02 01:27:26 UTC  

@RedRightHand That's mostly Staffordshires. You can still get game bred pits. I just posted a pic of one.

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True, the terrier is almost out of them

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can't wait until the next kent state

2017-05-02 01:27:40 UTC  

they are nigger mullato genetic shit shows now

2017-05-02 01:27:41 UTC  

>not Border Collies

2017-05-02 01:27:54 UTC  

Sure, some are great dogs still. But as a breed, you can't just pick a random pup and get a good working dog

2017-05-02 01:27:57 UTC  

the old old ones seemed cool like I have seen WW1 era pitt bulls

2017-05-02 01:28:06 UTC  

looked cool in photos

2017-05-02 01:28:07 UTC  

Yes you can, if you get them as a pup

2017-05-02 01:28:12 UTC  

too bad they are feral wastes

2017-05-02 01:28:20 UTC  

pit bull is in my yard it is kill

2017-05-02 01:28:29 UTC  

rough collies best collies

2017-05-02 01:28:31 UTC  

as long as they were raised with there brothers and sisters for a month or two

2017-05-02 01:28:31 UTC  

@Lars They were bred by Americans in the 19th century, not necessarily Anglos.

2017-05-02 01:28:33 UTC  

So Anglos did to the pit bull what they did to Africans.

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Well the pitbull terrier was bred in the uk for dog fighting im pretty sure