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Fucking Kek...

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I made a good Proboscis Monkey meme a few weeks ago:

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@RedRightHand @JohnnyTruthSeed was that from tonight's show?

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We're so fucking winning.

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@D'Marcus Liebowitz I guess so. I just saw it on twitter

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Tucker's had some great shows the last week or so. He pretty much said 'diversity + proximity = war' in so many words in this clip last week:

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Skip to 4:40 in that to see the most Jewish thing ever

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Explaining why he needs to charge more money because he needs money as a middle man

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@Tony P Months back you made the false claim that you know how to build and edit websites. Then you proceeded to take down my website and destroy it, then you disappeared with all my files, then you refused to ever answer my messages. That fucking website had 4 years of my writing on it, what the fuck is wrong with you?

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Lol whut Azz?

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This is so white-pill to listen to... 😃

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Counter Prop

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I'm just butt hurt because I'm going bald and can't wear it anymore.

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Seppos detain white Dingo for overstaying his visa by 2 hours

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Nice to see Immigration works like clockwork on Whites

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very powerful

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this is even more powerful. Makes me want to march for science n shieet

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Is that vanguard or..?

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that's mike on the microphone

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Okay, I'm bad with faces

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lol wut

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Antifa attempting to square everything as a victory, definitely worth a read, comments are good

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This is not protected speech. You can’t yell “Fire” in a crowded theater and you can’t out undocumented students on a sanctuary campus

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if you know of illegals, call ICE

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@everyone anyone have links to videos of speeches from Pikeville?