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2017-05-03 21:33:24 UTC  
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in English

2017-05-03 21:33:55 UTC  

Just in time for it to be over....FUCK

2017-05-03 21:33:56 UTC  

@everyone what do yall think of this, too dark? any suggestion for alternate drops or things to add? This is for the intro to next week's salting the earth, which will be the finale of season 1

2017-05-03 21:34:03 UTC  

And of course they don't let you rewind

2017-05-03 21:34:23 UTC

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Thats awesome man

2017-05-03 21:37:49 UTC

2017-05-03 21:37:55 UTC  

Make it even more brutal.

2017-05-03 21:38:09 UTC  

Is that you on piano @Caerulus_Rex ?

2017-05-03 21:38:19 UTC  


2017-05-03 21:39:48 UTC  

Okay, just wondering. I would touch up the audio on that a tad, but other than that, it's pretty bad ass. Especially the Sabaton at the end

2017-05-03 21:40:09 UTC  

All the audio I used was trashed

2017-05-03 21:40:14 UTC  

and shitty

2017-05-03 21:40:43 UTC  

The "ever notice how you come across somebody once in a while that you shouldn't have fucked with?" might be good at the end, too.

2017-05-03 21:40:44 UTC  

I already filtered the piano for noise, there was a lot of it in the room it was recorded in

2017-05-03 21:41:40 UTC

2017-05-03 21:41:52 UTC  

Oh, you all ready had the "leading role"

2017-05-03 21:42:06 UTC

2017-05-03 21:44:13 UTC  

In lolz news, apparently my flyers are being blamed on some student group that didnt even do nuffin

2017-05-03 21:44:58 UTC  

how many did you do?

2017-05-03 21:50:27 UTC  

What student group

2017-05-03 21:50:43 UTC  

You gunna get a fraternity shot up fam? @Caerulus_Rex

2017-05-03 21:52:42 UTC  

Thanks for coming to alumni weekend!

2017-05-03 21:57:38 UTC  

there were many, many of them

2017-05-03 21:58:27 UTC  

Hit the History/Poli Sci/Am Studies, Theatre & Dance, English, and Geology buildings

2017-05-03 21:59:09 UTC  

I even used a printer in the Library and used my ACTion card to open the geology building. lol

2017-05-03 22:00:11 UTC  

Printers in the library carry information on whomst/whenst they printed something btw

2017-05-03 22:00:18 UTC  

Like they print it onto the page

2017-05-03 22:00:30 UTC  

If some nigger goes and shoots up a frat house because he got triggered by pictures of a white family of three I'm pretty sure the mass deportation would start before COB

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2017-05-03 22:01:14 UTC  

did you see the "around blacks never relax" flyers going around?

2017-05-03 22:01:24 UTC  

yeah, I didn't do those

2017-05-03 22:01:29 UTC  

I did these:

2017-05-03 22:01:53 UTC  

oh the "you will not replace us"?

2017-05-03 22:01:56 UTC

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2017-05-03 22:03:25 UTC  

I saw Noah on tv today

2017-05-03 22:11:09 UTC  

He didn't get caught I hope

2017-05-03 22:11:40 UTC