Message from FucknOathMate in Vibrant Diversity #general

2017-05-16 02:34:29 UTC  

we really need to just end china

2017-05-16 02:34:40 UTC  

stop making shit there

2017-05-16 02:34:48 UTC  

@Jarl_Ballin' those were the days. Before cockroach porn became the norm on /b

2017-05-16 02:34:52 UTC  

let them all starve

2017-05-16 02:35:03 UTC  

It was a better time

2017-05-16 02:35:23 UTC  

you see white men with asians

2017-05-16 02:35:27 UTC  

Furries and gays got verbally nuked back then

2017-05-16 02:35:27 UTC  

always betas

2017-05-16 02:35:35 UTC  

always supreme betas

2017-05-16 02:35:51 UTC  

that think a woman paying attention to them is fucking awesome

2017-05-16 02:36:47 UTC  

there was a white at uni that had a mad hard on fpr a chink girl

2017-05-16 02:36:51 UTC  

was sad

2017-05-16 02:36:59 UTC  

he was so pathetic

2017-05-16 02:37:26 UTC  

weak, stood for nothing and had no opinions of his own

2017-05-16 02:38:17 UTC  

dude at uni i have to work with chinks in my group

2017-05-16 02:38:21 UTC  

one guy

2017-05-16 02:38:28 UTC  

is like 5 foot 3

2017-05-16 02:38:40 UTC  

huge glasses

2017-05-16 02:38:43 UTC  

really skinny

2017-05-16 02:38:53 UTC  

and just fucking BORING

2017-05-16 02:39:01 UTC  

he has no personality

2017-05-16 02:39:16 UTC  

asinas are shit

2017-05-16 02:42:17 UTC  

asians are insectoids

2017-05-16 02:42:55 UTC  

hungary has holocaust denial laws sadly

2017-05-16 02:43:12 UTC  

but theyre currently telling rothschild banks to gtfo

2017-05-16 02:43:19 UTC  

and bringing in anti soros laws

2017-05-16 02:43:23 UTC  

White guys are always going to go for Asians as long as we have them because for an unattractive guy they're a better deal.

2017-05-16 02:43:54 UTC  

That 5'3 guy is fucked unless he finds a 4'11 girl that has never dated taller.

2017-05-16 02:44:11 UTC  

i hope tp fuck he goes home

2017-05-16 02:44:29 UTC  

but theyre all here so at the end of the degree they can gain permanent residency

2017-05-16 02:44:39 UTC  


2017-05-16 02:44:50 UTC  

Oh, you mean he is a chink. I thought you meant a 5'3 white guy dating a chink.

2017-05-16 02:44:55 UTC  


2017-05-16 02:45:08 UTC  

thw white guy was like 5 foot 6

2017-05-16 02:45:16 UTC  

that she was like 5'4'

2017-05-16 02:45:25 UTC  

oath m8 we're trying to get people to stop fucking chinks

2017-05-16 02:45:55 UTC  

If you want guys to stop fucking chinks first off they have to not be here at all. Second off you need to get people marrying when they are young. 21 and younger.

2017-05-16 02:46:01 UTC  

i spoke to him once and intimidated the fuck out of him because he signalled shit libbery

2017-05-16 02:46:35 UTC  

i just lightly counter signalled and he looked like he thought i was going to drag him into disabled toilets and strangle him

2017-05-16 02:47:30 UTC  

i have no plans to ever go to western europe

2017-05-16 02:47:43 UTC  

until they fix