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2017-05-17 13:49:31 UTC  

I bought some of those ripped jeans but only because the store was going out of business and they were $12

2017-05-17 13:49:43 UTC  

I hate girls in pants tbh

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2017-05-17 13:50:16 UTC  

this guy is a a jew

2017-05-17 13:50:18 UTC  

a french jew

2017-05-17 13:50:20 UTC  

here we go

2017-05-17 13:50:20 UTC  

I fell for it too back when I was normie tier 🙁

2017-05-17 13:50:41 UTC  

tfw your jewdar is so good you can do it in french

2017-05-17 13:50:42 UTC  

Looks huwhite to me

2017-05-17 13:50:42 UTC  

@Eli Mosley what's the name of the channel

2017-05-17 13:50:43 UTC  

LOL of cooourse

2017-05-17 13:50:46 UTC  


2017-05-17 13:51:05 UTC  

Radio RFI

2017-05-17 13:51:08 UTC  

Who's a French Jew now?

2017-05-17 13:51:14 UTC  

Thanks m8

2017-05-17 13:51:25 UTC  

Go heavy on The JQ

2017-05-17 13:51:26 UTC  

did all our spergs leave, no one has scared away this new person who is apparently a grill

2017-05-17 13:51:26 UTC  

im doing an interview any moment and he set off my jewdar in the emails

2017-05-17 13:51:31 UTC  

Men should wear nice looking pants, ripped jeans make you look untidy and I'd feel awkward randomly meeting my father if I was on a date with a guy with ripped jeans

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2017-05-17 13:51:44 UTC  

thanks fam

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2017-05-17 13:52:05 UTC  

Oh gosh, White Sharia?

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2017-05-17 13:52:25 UTC  

We are adding in new parts to white sharia soon. You guys are gonna lovem

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2017-05-17 13:53:02 UTC  

>receive an email to do x task
>email took longer to write than the task did to do

2017-05-17 13:53:11 UTC  

Tiki torch nationalism

2017-05-17 13:53:28 UTC  

BTFO mosquito s

2017-05-17 13:53:41 UTC  

We either need to make tiki torches a good meme so it doesnt matter or I am having us bring wooden swords with pitch on the top for the fire.

2017-05-17 13:53:48 UTC  


2017-05-17 13:53:50 UTC  

Sometimes you just have to send an email man

2017-05-17 13:54:11 UTC  

hahaha Eli look like the Witch King of Angmar with your flaming sword

2017-05-17 13:54:51 UTC  

I see Spencer is up like 2500 follows from that event

2017-05-17 13:55:09 UTC  

Tiki torches remind me of that time I went to Bali about 8 days after the Bali bombings. Sad times... many white peoples lives lost.

2017-05-17 13:55:14 UTC  

The alt lite loved it

2017-05-17 13:55:31 UTC  

the proud fags are tripping over themselves to suck our chad dicks