Message from Eli Mosley in Vibrant Diversity #general

2017-05-19 02:35:38 UTC  

they deserve the rope

2017-05-19 02:35:46 UTC  

traitorous fucks

2017-05-19 02:35:54 UTC  

Guys, no more drama

2017-05-19 02:36:00 UTC  

then kick them

2017-05-19 02:36:10 UTC  

Lisa can you bake me food and send it to me I am hungry

2017-05-19 02:36:12 UTC  

You know jimpacting is just a meme, right? it's making fun of people and you're sperging so hard you want to dox people to antifa

2017-05-19 02:36:25 UTC  

>calls people tr8rs
>proceeds to threaten treason against 6 of them

2017-05-19 02:36:29 UTC  

the dude with the puppydog icon threatened to dox me

2017-05-19 02:36:35 UTC  

its not treason

2017-05-19 02:36:42 UTC  

eli i have nothing against you but you really should look at yourself and wonder "why am I gonna work with antifa to dox redpilled peoople over jimpact memes"

2017-05-19 02:36:48 UTC  

they literally said they aren't part of my movement of "sodomites and jews" so what do i care?

2017-05-19 02:37:06 UTC  

they aren't redpilled they are larping blackpillers

2017-05-19 02:37:09 UTC  

they are worse than jews

2017-05-19 02:37:57 UTC  

fucking hell man, get off the computer and calm down

2017-05-19 02:38:05 UTC  

It's not that time of month dude.

2017-05-19 02:38:16 UTC  

you guys are done, goodbye faggots

2017-05-19 02:38:20 UTC  

you gotta realize when you gotta just shut the fuck up and stop being a retard

2017-05-19 02:38:38 UTC  

working with antifa or the FBI is not a thing you should ever do

2017-05-19 02:39:01 UTC  

@☦ Slouch ☦ @Sage @Burgermeister @Eli Mosley no more drama posting or im gonna start kicking people

2017-05-19 02:39:15 UTC  

alright, take care mate

2017-05-19 02:39:21 UTC  

You too, good luck

2017-05-19 02:39:30 UTC  

Im gonna take my ute

2017-05-19 02:39:36 UTC  

and do stuff on a barbie

2017-05-19 02:39:42 UTC  

and have tea

2017-05-19 02:39:50 UTC  

with dangerous animals

2017-05-19 02:40:55 UTC

2017-05-19 02:41:05 UTC  

Should I?

2017-05-19 02:41:17 UTC  

maybe. 80s corvettes arent that bad of a deal

2017-05-19 02:41:27 UTC

2017-05-19 02:41:28 UTC  

rip off the smog shit and its a dicent engine

2017-05-19 02:41:31 UTC  

If you don't I might

2017-05-19 02:41:38 UTC  

bredy gub

2017-05-19 02:41:43 UTC  

What's wrong with it?

2017-05-19 02:41:43 UTC  

where's it at?

2017-05-19 02:41:49 UTC  

San jose

2017-05-19 02:41:53 UTC  


2017-05-19 02:42:00 UTC  

@FascistFather Are you in the bay area group?

2017-05-19 02:42:03 UTC  

Or did you move?

2017-05-19 02:42:06 UTC  

or am i confused?

2017-05-19 02:42:07 UTC  

@queenarchitect is that SADIE

2017-05-19 02:42:09 UTC  

You can lead a black to water, but you can't get it to swim...