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Ossh fam

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I fully endorse @D'Marcus Liebowitz message that ppl need to talk more. This is a community niggaz we need all the opinions and angles we can get. We are going up against a trillion dollar fist.

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without full blown autism

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hahaha brilliant

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I set up my old computer for my mother so she could speak to my sister while she's traveling, and within a week she fucks it up. Every single site throws the "untrusted connection" warning. Any idea what she's done and how I fix it?

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I have my hunches

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Either she's fiddled about with things and made her connection open somehow

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It's on the home wifi network same as I'm using right now with no issues

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Or some malware has done that and attempted to automatically link her to a dodgy site

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Is she trying to log into other ppls wi fi?

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@northern_confederate you have to vty dude

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Otherwise you'll never be able to solve it

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It's user error, you can't user error your way out of user error, it only gets worse

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Vty = virtual teletype

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Gotoassist might have a trial option or a residential option you could use to help her

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Wow I've been out of the game awhile I have no idea what any of that means

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This is the song that doesn't end

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Basically you have to figure out some sort of software that you can use to remote into her machine easily so the next time this happens you can fix it quickly, and travel to her place, unfuck her laptop, install the virtualization software, and you outta be good

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oh lmfao

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Found it

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did she just hit the keyboard a bunch like a hacker?

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Wtf lol?

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