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also 40:1 by Sabaton is a song about how Poland is the superior country that cannot be beaten in battle

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@everyone Get in voice chat

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In early September it came
A war unknown to the world
No army may enter that land
That is protected by polish hand
Unless you are forty to one
Your force will soon be undone
Baptized in fire
Forty to one
Spirit of Spartans
Death and glory
Soldiers of Poland
Second to none
Wrath of the Wehrmacht brought to a halt

@BellaDashwood im at California Pizza Kitchen rn

2017-05-20 03:16:43 UTC

They played that song

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@Mushroom 🚗ドăƒȘフト🚓🚓🚓 hey diglet i heard that you have irrefuteable evidence that Ghoul is the kingpin of pizzagate

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and that he personally raped Barron Trump

All I could think of was yiu

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may i see it

It'll come out when the time is ready

Whoever told you that

And he knows who he is

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@badtanman Rohan Kishibe plays a key role in the next bongo bongo book club episode

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how about you pm me the information right now so I can read it

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I'm interested

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Or the current I should say

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nice i have it downloaded but havent listened yet

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how about you tell me who that person is so I can talk to him

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We get into heavy Heavens Door posting

I will no longer confirm nor deny the presence of anything

That is the extent of how far our friendship and trustworthiness goes

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would you like me to prove that I am a male

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I have irrefuteable evidence that I am male

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I can take a picture of this evidence right now

Send me with a timestaml

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I can also prove that George Takei is gay

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I have irrefuteable evidence that he is gay

2017-05-20 03:21:25 UTC  

I can prove a lot of things