Message from Hand Banana in Vibrant Diversity #general

2017-05-21 03:08:56 UTC  

i dont know about you

2017-05-21 03:09:12 UTC  

but i personally fear transgendered people because they are messiahs and they represent the monomyth

2017-05-21 03:09:59 UTC  

the white man fears the tranny

2017-05-21 03:10:08 UTC  

white man fears the timecube

2017-05-21 03:10:55 UTC  

acadamia cant disprove timecube because they are evil fraud and they educate retarded

2017-05-21 03:11:30 UTC  

flat earthers BTFO

2017-05-21 03:17:07 UTC  

The difference between 70 IQ and 80 IQ.

2017-05-21 03:26:01 UTC  

I like that guy

2017-05-21 03:26:09 UTC  

the documentary about him is pretty funny

2017-05-21 03:27:09 UTC  

Eli Porter is smarter than the rest of those nigz imo

2017-05-21 03:29:24 UTC  

it's like a where are they now and what even was the context of the clip

2017-05-21 03:30:35 UTC  

also explains the fucking love heart

2017-05-21 03:32:01 UTC  

all the nigz in that clip are either releasing mix tapes or on football scholarships...

2017-05-21 03:35:25 UTC  

Compiling 4.9.16-gentoo bzImage...

2017-05-21 03:35:35 UTC  

BRB in 3 hours lol

2017-05-21 03:57:18 UTC  

You guys like EDM?

2017-05-21 03:58:59 UTC  

i like eurobeat

2017-05-21 04:02:31 UTC

2017-05-21 04:19:49 UTC  

Oh Jeez I really hope Wife of Sacco is a joke.

2017-05-21 04:25:57 UTC  

no shes for real

2017-05-21 04:25:59 UTC  

and she is pretty cool

2017-05-21 04:26:11 UTC  

Surrouned by swpls at a wedding ama

2017-05-21 04:26:15 UTC  

This is a drama free chat and I'm going to leave it at that.

2017-05-21 04:26:28 UTC  

you dont like sacco's wife?

2017-05-21 04:26:29 UTC  

>tfw you get back and everyone left

2017-05-21 04:26:37 UTC  

she's super qt and talks about how much she loves cooking

2017-05-21 04:26:48 UTC  

Yeah, she's pleasant as far as I've seen.

2017-05-21 04:26:49 UTC  

After listening to recent Shoah I'm going to admit I may have watched Clerks with a bit more interest.

2017-05-21 04:27:01 UTC  

this last shoah was bad

2017-05-21 04:27:09 UTC  

i do not like gen x posting

2017-05-21 04:27:11 UTC  

I really liked the last Shoah

2017-05-21 04:27:12 UTC  

I'm reasonably convinced Sven and Mike are Jay and Silent Bob (except he won't hush up)

2017-05-21 04:27:33 UTC  

I need to rewatch Clerks: The Animated Series

2017-05-21 04:27:52 UTC  

I need to work on three individual group projects

2017-05-21 04:28:06 UTC  

but I have been so depressed i have watched shibe inu videos on youtube all day

2017-05-21 04:28:20 UTC  

and now I am drinking cookie ice cream through a straw

2017-05-21 04:28:40 UTC

2017-05-21 04:28:46 UTC

2017-05-21 04:28:52 UTC  

my computer ate my stl files so i had to remake em