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2018-01-11 23:59:20 UTC  

Don't you know, he's a celebrity now.

2018-01-11 23:59:29 UTC  

Oh yeah

2018-01-11 23:59:40 UTC  

A seriously high end Z list

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2018-01-12 00:03:57 UTC  

I'm actually ecstatic

2018-01-12 00:09:10 UTC  

I never took you for a masochist, @Constantine

2018-01-12 00:09:50 UTC  

It may draw more people to me amongst his hate followers

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2018-01-12 00:18:01 UTC  

Because of course it's fucking buzzfeed

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2018-01-12 00:42:12 UTC  

What a handsome fellow

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2018-01-12 00:43:47 UTC  

Bless his heart.

2018-01-12 01:29:35 UTC  

I have seen how Sargon is and how much he loves his horseshoe theory, and given the fact he likes to spout off about Locke while being an atheist (Locke said that atheist don't deserve rights as well as catholics) and Sargon being in favor of baking a gay cake, and free healthcare. And no Locke talked about much else besides "muh bible" he also talked about property rights where they begin and end.

2018-01-12 01:30:41 UTC  

I wonder how liberals would react if a muslim refused the gay cake.

2018-01-12 01:31:10 UTC  

I think stonetoss made a comic on that

2018-01-12 01:31:25 UTC  

let me try and find it

2018-01-12 01:31:25 UTC  

@ebowden Crowder did it

2018-01-12 01:32:40 UTC  

What happened when the muslim refused the gay cake?

2018-01-12 01:33:02 UTC  

@Valet the Clown Oliver in the chat was talking smack about Catholics the other day. Where were you? Lol

2018-01-12 01:33:25 UTC  

Who the fuck is Oliver?

2018-01-12 01:34:02 UTC  

Oliver Starley?

2018-01-12 01:34:29 UTC  

I don't remember.

2018-01-12 01:34:39 UTC  

Ok then.

2018-01-12 01:35:32 UTC  

Oh wait the r/The_Donald guy? @Whiskey-Vargas

2018-01-12 01:35:55 UTC  

r/the_donald 🤢

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2018-01-12 01:36:20 UTC  

I call him my twin.

2018-01-12 01:40:06 UTC  

I remember this account

2018-01-12 01:44:08 UTC  

*Bursts out laughing*

2018-01-12 03:36:52 UTC  

Maybe Serpico was right. This chick is crazy. Always ranting about her mommy issues and being a single mom. Lol

2018-01-12 03:37:30 UTC  

Wow what?

2018-01-12 03:39:11 UTC  

She talks about her mom, her being a centrist, and putting other women down.

2018-01-12 03:39:26 UTC  

I'm Valet now.

2018-01-12 03:39:27 UTC  

That's all her cards.