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Me when I meet someone from Arizona

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Boomer post incoming

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Lol, fuck the confederacy. Lousy country dividing pieces of shit

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I don't know I always felt that abolitionist were responsible for that.

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The south should have just gotten with the times and industrialized. Think of all the factories that they could have built alongside the Mississippi River

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Yes but then it would look like the shit hole that is New England now

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Still, a whole lot could have been averted. Fuck, why didn't they do that? They could have even used horse drawn or steam powered harvesters or something

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They ultimately fid

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As a result

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And a lot of people got plunged I to abject poverty or were sent west to die "settling"

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Modern day automation vs worker rights is similar

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Is automation better if it displaces billions of workers worldwide

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What will they do who will feed clothe and house them

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Will they all be home builders

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Or programmers?

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I suppose not if workers will be displaced, but we have a severe propensity for being lazy. Eventually, most everything will be automated, the only thing is that we can't flood countries with useless people beforehand.

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@Oliver Starley
>The south should have just gotten with the times
"Maybe you should get with the times and let me inject you with hormones so you grow boobs, bigot. Just be more Progressive, nazi."

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Gross, I'm already trying to cut down my weight. I don't need soy to muck things up

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Soy Vey

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The only boobs I'll be growing are huge slabs of muscle on my chest. I could beat them like a war drum

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