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2017-02-03 20:31:24 UTC  

@🅱arD >only locking them up

2017-02-03 20:31:28 UTC  

>not gassing them

2017-02-03 20:31:38 UTC  

thanks @Haupstürmfuhrer Pepe only a few people know about the french ss

2017-02-03 20:31:52 UTC  

Yep. They were some of the last to surrender in Berlin.

2017-02-03 20:32:04 UTC  

They fought on longer for Deutschland than the Wehrmacht.

2017-02-03 20:32:04 UTC  

I think it would depend on how bad their crimes were. Obviously the really bad ones should be killed.

2017-02-03 20:32:08 UTC  

they also were patriots and it's sad that people remember them as traitors

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2017-02-03 20:32:49 UTC  

Look, I'll admit the flaws of Nazi Germany. That said, I feel like there were quite a few downsides to the fall of the Third Reich.

2017-02-03 20:33:01 UTC  

It paved the way for so much fucking degeneracy.

2017-02-03 20:34:09 UTC  

German guilt is crazy

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2017-02-03 20:34:18 UTC  

like none of them were ever nazis.

2017-02-03 20:34:37 UTC  

Besides, Russia is proud of their heritage during WW2, even if they did some fucked up shit.

2017-02-03 20:34:43 UTC  

Why can't Germany be the same?

2017-02-03 20:34:56 UTC  

I'm not a fan of what the Nazis did by any means, but to blame modern Germans for Hitler is INSANE.

2017-02-03 20:34:56 UTC  

33rd Division Charlemagne @Haupstürmfuhrer Pepe

2017-02-03 20:35:21 UTC  

They are destroying their own country in the name of not being Nazis.

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2017-02-03 20:35:42 UTC  

Ja voll, mein Freund! Wir marschieren in Feindesland und singt ein Teufelslied. @Mad French

2017-02-03 20:35:52 UTC  

@daltoid That petition is jewed

2017-02-03 20:35:58 UTC  

that one isn't

2017-02-03 20:36:04 UTC  

Deutschland uber alles

2017-02-03 20:36:09 UTC  

phew good thanks man

2017-02-03 20:36:31 UTC  

No more brother wars

2017-02-03 20:36:48 UTC  

Ja, wir werden unser Land wieder groß machen.

2017-02-03 20:36:50 UTC  

No problem

2017-02-03 20:36:53 UTC  

@Mad French frenchiiiie

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2017-02-03 20:37:12 UTC is super liberal generally though

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2017-02-03 20:37:29 UTC  

And the petition is still kiked.

2017-02-03 20:37:39 UTC  

Plus there is nothing guaranteeing Trump will even read it.

2017-02-03 20:37:48 UTC  

Some faggot confirmed it's intentional by looking at the code with JSON.

2017-02-03 20:37:59 UTC  

There's a boolean which disables it from gaining signatures.

2017-02-03 20:38:03 UTC  

What's your opinion on trump deleting obamacare ?

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2017-02-03 20:38:10 UTC  

it's soros funded mate

2017-02-03 20:38:17 UTC  

I would prefer universal healthcare, because NatSoc of course.