Message from FylnnGardian in Vibrant Diversity #general

2017-06-04 02:08:50 UTC  

so i could do work

2017-06-04 02:09:03 UTC  

it's ok, I ended up dealing with diversity in public all day

2017-06-04 02:09:07 UTC  

and work i did

2017-06-04 02:09:15 UTC  

I didn't get to vacaville till 2p

2017-06-04 02:09:15 UTC  

@FylnnGardian Get in voice chat if ya can

2017-06-04 02:09:29 UTC  

so much for lunch

2017-06-04 02:09:35 UTC  


2017-06-04 02:10:06 UTC  

I'm in a shit load of pain right now and will constantly complain and look for sympathy then get bantz'd into oblivion @BellaDashwood lol

2017-06-04 02:10:56 UTC  

I'm a horrible patient

2017-06-04 02:11:02 UTC  

Very demanding

2017-06-04 02:11:45 UTC  

@FylnnGardian I know you're a horrible patient b/c you punched a nurse 🤣

2017-06-04 02:12:22 UTC  

Omfg u remember that? @BellaDashwood that poor woman's face never stood a chance RIP orbital socket

2017-06-04 02:13:46 UTC  

wait did you really injure yourself badly?

2017-06-04 02:13:49 UTC  

i thought you stubbed your toe

2017-06-04 02:14:01 UTC  

@FylnnGardian Just quit tip-toeing around & get in chat. I wanna hear how you got your cankle

2017-06-04 02:14:18 UTC  

No man I fubar' my shin on a trailer hitch @Convo

2017-06-04 02:14:51 UTC  

I was chasing my son around my pick up (little bastard is fast and was taunting me)

2017-06-04 02:15:14 UTC  

Had him in reach and I tried to run THROUGH my trailer hitch

2017-06-04 02:15:21 UTC  

The hitch won

2017-06-04 02:15:36 UTC  
2017-06-04 02:16:05 UTC  

I think I may have fractured it im gonna go to the doctor in the morning

2017-06-04 02:16:11 UTC  


2017-06-04 02:16:18 UTC  

>tfw no son 2 run around w/

2017-06-04 02:16:25 UTC  

You'll get there

2017-06-04 02:16:28 UTC  

never ever

2017-06-04 02:16:41 UTC

2017-06-04 02:16:49 UTC  

im sittin here googling dna code shit

2017-06-04 02:16:50 UTC  

Just find a nice scuzzi girl and u will be good.

2017-06-04 02:16:54 UTC  

been doin it for 11 hours so far

2017-06-04 02:16:59 UTC  

got 40 more to go

2017-06-04 02:17:06 UTC  

U need a scuzzi girl

2017-06-04 02:17:06 UTC  

did you just tell me to find a fucking scuzzi

2017-06-04 02:17:08 UTC  

what is wrong with you

2017-06-04 02:17:16 UTC  

She will love you

2017-06-04 02:17:17 UTC  

i hope your knee hurts real bad

2017-06-04 02:17:21 UTC  

Can someone tell Brad in voice to check his messages, he's pretty bad at checking them

2017-06-04 02:18:14 UTC  

Bolish American girls won't appreciate you brother.

2017-06-04 02:18:19 UTC  

A scuzzi will

2017-06-04 02:18:56 UTC  

I'm not taking about a jersey shore scuzzi

2017-06-04 02:19:16 UTC  

I am checkijg

2017-06-04 02:21:38 UTC  

i dont like scuzzi man, c'mon