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You are brilliant 🤗

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Do something

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Show me more

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Now I wish I had made more clever taunts

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I’m just venting at the poor thing

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A prediction

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Well 🤷🏼‍♀️ why not?

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It paired the u with uh

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What is the method to the madness

if it's using markov chains then it's traversing word associations by proximity, the huge message it gave you about salmon was because you had a word somehow associated with a word in the slamon text

thinking face could be "no msg found" instead of building new entry

it could be operating on all text? I dunno. Would need to analyze the source

2018-09-26 21:41:16 UTC  

That’s exactly what I thought!!! 😮

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But I thought it was maybe recognizing a word or phrase (best match) and then looking for the comment immediately following that

2018-09-26 21:42:38 UTC  

To approximate a response

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But I don’t think that’s it now

2018-09-26 21:43:40 UTC  

Can you look at the cogs and know what program it is following?

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I can't duplicate the state however

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The state?


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