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Democrats Planned Every Piece of the Kavanaugh Attack - The Rush Limbaugh Show via

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Congratulations @7alon, you're now level 1.

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I am level 1!!!!!!

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Gmornin y’all bitches!! ☕️🍳🍩🥞🌞

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Love the new server, looking forward to the awesome Trump emojis

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I was so confused, I thought I must have crossed a line and got kicked off the server, but I was like, we all cross lines, that is why we are here, we are “line crossers.”

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Congratulations @LaserTrain, you're now level 1.

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Thanks for rebuilding.

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I just rejoined this. Rank restore?

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what does enhanced vetting mean in a QCA context?

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Top of the morning!

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Am I the only one having issues with the phone app for Discord?

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Congratulations @TheNikitis, you're now level 1.

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Danish security operation shuts major bridges, ferries to Sweden and Germany - police

Planned parenthood heavily supporting ford

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We need memes that welcome the #walkaway group. that say things like “I was asleep once too” or “ welcome to the world of the real” . We don’t want to insult them for being stupid for so longs. We need to encourage them that leaving the matrix was worth it.

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lasertrain, check cancerward

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i think i got 2 u could like for #walkaway

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This is building to the great awakening. We are already awake, we arrived early. We need to welcome those that follow with open arms, not insults.

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I’m ranting and trying to inspire.

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We know those that are still in the matrix are prone to meme manipulation so start gently so we don’t trigger their “gag” reflex that has been programmed into them.

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Good morning all you beautiful fuckers!

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Hey buddy

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Good morning @LaserTrain