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This cannot be coincidence

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Holy Shit Batman!

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Congratulations @DG the PJ77777, you're now level 2.

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How could he not know who was in front of him?????????

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She wasnt involved in that suit from what i can tell but the company was

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there is no way they aren't connected - Schatzberg, chair of psychiatry at Stanford University???Well-known university psychiatrists promoted psychoactive drugs

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Where did she work supposedly?

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she was completely drugged out - caffeine please

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Or is she really any part of this? I don't know - they use people - they insert people - she could disappear as quickly as she appeared

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there is no way POTUS doesn't know about this

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I would bet you that Corcept Therapeutics was PIIIISSSED at Grassley.

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Similarly, Dr. Charles Nemeroff resigned as chair of the psychiatry department at Emory University after failing to report a third of the $2.8 million in consulting fees he received from GlaxoSmithKline. At the time he received these fees, Nemeroff had been principal investigator of a $3.9 million NIH grant evaluating five medications for depression manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline.[91]

In 2008, for the first time, Grassley asked the American Psychiatric Association to disclose how much of its annual budget came from drug industry funds. The APA said that industry contributed 28% of its budget ($14 million at that time), mainly through paid advertising in APA journals and funds for continuing medical education.[92]

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You know it - and a SF company in Feinstein and Pelosi's backyard? Booker, Harris.....

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This is literally spooksville

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This needs to be on qresearch

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go to 8chan

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This chick has multiples, and I mean that in every definition possible

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Ima be on a bit later to check it out

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Thanks @Lucifer Inlustris this is kinda big

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Freaking crazytown

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I already have it on 8ch

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she was obviously testing the merchandise yesterday on the tube

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They havent picked it up as notable so i will be reposting until they do with my full digs

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cool - good job Doom - is anyone looking into it there

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right on

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Q needs to see that people are awake to this shit

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great digging - there has to be more - and Grassley is retiring - hmmmmmmmmm

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I just tossed a better version up on the fresh bread.

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Why the hell do i have to have a job. WHY CANT I JUST DIG 24x7!!

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I am going to dig the hell out of this when i get home.

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Congratulations @Doom1776, you're now level 4.

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Delay? Is the the never ending fucking story?

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LOL @Doom1776 I know - I just had to work too - dang it! We get the weekend to hit it hard tho

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I have a hunch that POTUS just took the dems into a trap - now the FBI will be looking into HER background as well as his, right? They would have to cos they have to place them in the same spot at the same time.... TRUST WRAY