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2018-09-29 13:36:16 UTC  

read the article

2018-09-29 13:37:07 UTC  

RR is not fired, or resigned. that means he's still in charge

2018-09-29 13:38:00 UTC  

we know RR is deep state. Flake is either DS or controlled by DS

2018-09-29 13:38:00 UTC  

Congratulations @RocketManNK, you're now level 2.

2018-09-29 13:38:49 UTC  

Not sure if posted before

2018-09-29 13:38:56 UTC  

@Moooooooooooooo Hatch and Graham probably had STRINGS cut

2018-09-29 13:40:01 UTC  

Hatch was always a good guy

2018-09-29 13:40:14 UTC  

and a Trump supporter from the beginning

2018-09-29 13:40:38 UTC  

You all are right. I was just pointing out that the clowns are definitely in action so on a fundamental level, I’m really hoping we trust Gina. If that’s the case, this could literally go supernova overnight.

2018-09-29 13:40:40 UTC  

but Graham, yeah. He's acting totally different now

2018-09-29 13:41:16 UTC  

whats the supernova scenario? im not seeing it

2018-09-29 13:42:16 UTC  

The FBI could surface and use it to expose MK Ultra which literally would go nuclear imo. The level of Mind Control we live in is truly numbing.

2018-09-29 13:42:38 UTC  

what in the hell am i looking for in those 3000 words?

2018-09-29 13:42:43 UTC  

that he met with RR?

2018-09-29 13:42:50 UTC  

look for Rosenstein

2018-09-29 13:44:48 UTC  

and read bwteen the lines a little

2018-09-29 13:44:49 UTC  

yea, I saw that the first time round. maybe that's the case, and maybe it's more of the same set up. Maybe POTUS is giving RR the order to pass along. I certainly dont think Deep State actors got POTUS to order the fbi (RR) to investigate ford vis a vis Kav assault

2018-09-29 13:45:19 UTC  

see the full picture a little. you're throwing out so much of what we think we know to fit that

2018-09-29 13:45:21 UTC  

any delay hurts us, not helps

2018-09-29 13:45:29 UTC  

we dont know that at all

2018-09-29 13:46:15 UTC  

well i guess we wont know until friday

2018-09-29 13:47:46 UTC  

The only thing setting me at ease on that situation is how calm POTUS was talking about it. He didn't seem upset and wasn't in attack mode when he is opposed about something. But there really is no way to know, one way or the other, until whatever is going to happen, happens. There is NO ONE here who knows what IS going to happen. It's all speculation.

2018-09-29 13:48:18 UTC  

All I know is that i know NOOOOOTHING about what's going on here

2018-09-29 13:48:30 UTC  

it makes zero sense. I feel lost in the dark. Thats unusual

2018-09-29 13:48:49 UTC  

What has me concerned is the damn black hawks in Chicago.

2018-09-29 13:49:03 UTC  

I think Brett Kavanaugh is the final step before the military tribunals and the Midterms. The Democrats will get conquered in the Midterms and be exposed for their corrupt actions against a respected and innocent man. High-ranking officials on both parties will be arrested and hunted down, plus POTUS will test out the Broadcasting system he has in mind.

2018-09-29 13:49:03 UTC  

Congratulations @πŸ‘‘ King Futurama, you're now level 1.

2018-09-29 13:49:45 UTC

Also Twitter banning more AWAKERS than Media SLEEPERS?

2018-09-29 13:50:32 UTC  

Wictor posted a Youtube video talking about his suspension

2018-09-29 13:50:41 UTC  

@Douglas Castle I saw that.

2018-09-29 13:51:22 UTC  

It's def going to get interesting over the next few weeks. Shit is getting real.

2018-09-29 13:51:46 UTC  
2018-09-29 13:52:04 UTC  

Thomas Wictor does not believe in Q

2018-09-29 13:52:34 UTC  

True. He actually blocked me months ago. I've had my doubts about him for a long time.

2018-09-29 13:53:40 UTC  

@Douglas Castle he is a genius in a lot of subjects, for example war. He is a tricky one! Thomas isn't like 0HOUR1.

2018-09-29 13:54:29 UTC  

Oh I don't doubt his intelligence at all.

2018-09-29 13:55:44 UTC  

Anybody know what's the deal with him being close friends with Roseanne? He's not a Q fan but is super close to one of the most known Q followers?

2018-09-29 13:56:24 UTC  

I bet Enoch could answer that for you.....

2018-09-29 13:57:34 UTC  

@enoch where are you buddy?

2018-09-29 13:57:41 UTC