Message from Dogs in Turtle Hermit School #random

2018-09-29 14:06:18 UTC  

@Botchan what are you thinking?

2018-09-29 14:06:18 UTC  

Congratulations @Bellalu, you're now level 2.

2018-09-29 14:06:36 UTC  

@PawnWithAPurpose I would be very interested to find if Imperator Rex is the same that posts on zero hedge and more importantly "Spartacus Rex" from years ago- on tfmetalsreport

2018-09-29 14:07:24 UTC  

@John of Arc I like how basically all of the fringe conspiracy theorists years ago of the government, media, etc can be united under Q.

2018-09-29 14:08:17 UTC  

Q is irrelevent

2018-09-29 14:08:43 UTC  

Smacks botchan sid e of the head

2018-09-29 14:09:06 UTC  

@Botchan slap yourself

2018-09-29 14:09:13 UTC  

i'm getting sick of looking at this stickied message at the bottom page lol

2018-09-29 14:09:13 UTC  

Congratulations @πŸ‘‘ King Futurama, you're now level 2.

2018-09-29 14:09:15 UTC  

who agrees?

2018-09-29 14:09:37 UTC  

IKR John? Actually I started watching Fringe again yesterday. That show has more Disclosure than anything I’ve seen sans Shield. Agents of Shield still has the trophy.

2018-09-29 14:09:53 UTC  

What the fuck? Lindsey Lohan speaks Arabic? Is she really trying to snatch this kid?

2018-09-29 14:09:54 UTC  

Yes future, on both points

2018-09-29 14:10:15 UTC  

It will only be there for a little while @πŸ‘‘ King Futurama

2018-09-29 14:10:25 UTC  

@Bellalu but, can we at least delete it?

2018-09-29 14:10:46 UTC  


2018-09-29 14:11:01 UTC  

Already dead inside

2018-09-29 14:11:16 UTC  

I believe Bread is experimenting with his own mind control program here. Did you know extreme vetting starts on the 1st?

2018-09-29 14:11:38 UTC  


2018-09-29 14:12:06 UTC  

*follow the finger*

2018-09-29 14:12:24 UTC  

What is "Enhanced Vetting"?

2018-09-29 14:12:29 UTC  

The stickies are a new toy, and also rather convenient atm. Don’t worry. It’s temporary

2018-09-29 14:12:42 UTC  

Should be waterboarding

2018-09-29 14:12:42 UTC  

Congratulations @John of Arc, you're now level 1.

2018-09-29 14:12:46 UTC  

@Dogs like checking all members and allowing a few that probably pass a test or something.

2018-09-29 14:13:01 UTC  

Okay then?

2018-09-29 14:13:05 UTC  

Because the shills are here.

2018-09-29 14:13:10 UTC  

Lurking shills.

2018-09-29 14:13:22 UTC  

We are in waterboard training in preparation lol

2018-09-29 14:13:26 UTC  

It's not waterboarding if it's with diesil.

2018-09-29 14:14:05 UTC  

Q said to trust Grassley - so far I trust him!

2018-09-29 14:14:05 UTC  

Does that level stuff start over everyday?

2018-09-29 14:14:30 UTC  

Grassley was I think the final vote on the Senate Judiciary Committee to get Kavanaugh across

2018-09-29 14:15:36 UTC  

Anal probing may or may not be involved @Botchan

2018-09-29 14:16:29 UTC  

@Botchan can I get some alone time with you?

2018-09-29 14:16:54 UTC  

Is the thot command still a thing? Can I use it here?

2018-09-29 14:17:22 UTC  

The bots are not all active yet

2018-09-29 14:17:37 UTC  

,thot @Dogs

2018-09-29 14:17:37 UTC  

*Thots @Dogs*

2018-09-29 14:17:56 UTC  

That was different.

2018-09-29 14:17:56 UTC  

Congratulations @Dogs, you're now level 1.