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2018-09-30 01:30:47 UTC  

Stoking the fires of the trump train fuel? 😉

2018-09-30 01:32:43 UTC  

@zorro I am not sure. Obama was all about coke. Ford was showing her come bottle. And she does abortion pill. Now potus brings up coke ...hum ?

2018-09-30 01:33:12 UTC  

Ford had coke ...typo

Well, the Department of Energy must have been restructed because Obama would have hamstrung the nation under pretense of "Green Energy"

So mentioning Coke to Obama if indeed about energy represents power unleashed instead of smothered, if not a joke about Obama's nose candy 🤷🏼

2018-09-30 01:39:16 UTC  

MEME WARS BEGIN IN 30 minutes!!! Bring out your best stuff!! Memers! Tonight is the night! The Red October Meme War will launch! 10 pm EST - unleash the memes!! Subjects of focus - MidTerm Elections! Every meme from here until November, should have the hashtag RedOctober on them! Let's do this. Q has asked us to do this. WE are the Meme Warfare server for a reason. Memes are all we do. We are in this to WIN this. PatriotsFight Patriots Effecting Change MidTerms VoteRed are also good hashes to add to RedOctober. Make RedOctober your focus and put it first. All right, Happy Meme Warring, troups! MAGA @here

2018-09-30 01:40:07 UTC  

This is pretty cool if true, I like it

2018-09-30 01:41:16 UTC  

James Bondish

2018-09-30 01:41:48 UTC  

his hair is like his signature so I doubt he will change it but looks pretty amazing I think

2018-09-30 01:42:05 UTC  

Gotta have more hair on top to pull that off.

2018-09-30 01:42:09 UTC  

Congratulations @LaserTrain, you're now level 5.

2018-09-30 01:43:06 UTC  

From memory , we have already covered Eye the Spy correct? Larpin?

2018-09-30 01:44:42 UTC

2018-09-30 01:46:24 UTC  

Look at the guy in the top left of the screen. FAMILIAR???

2018-09-30 01:47:32 UTC  

he does stick out - who do you think he is?

2018-09-30 01:47:32 UTC  

Congratulations @ᶜʳᶦᵗᵗᶻ, you're now level 2.

2018-09-30 01:48:06 UTC  

@ᶜʳᶦᵗᵗᶻ lots of guesses but it seems conspiracy theorists want to believe its JFK Jr

2018-09-30 01:49:00 UTC

2018-09-30 01:49:09 UTC  

yeah - i seem to remember that being posted awhile ago too - could be worth checking

2018-09-30 01:49:36 UTC  

looks like the same guy

2018-09-30 01:51:05 UTC  

Did we ever figure out the BW mini van picture was about?

2018-09-30 02:45:56 UTC

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Anons are digging hard tonight

2018-09-30 02:58:25 UTC  

Congratulations @Blonde_Finn, you're now level 3.

2018-09-30 03:03:52 UTC  

@zorro the metallurgic coal was said before discussing making export....but why mention the type of coal.

2018-09-30 03:08:53 UTC  

This Trump hater is now spreading FAKE Q info

2018-09-30 03:17:29 UTC  

Liar liar pants on fire

2018-09-30 03:17:53 UTC  

Tell her to show the Q post that says that

2018-09-30 03:35:27 UTC  

is there a voice chat live at the moment

2018-09-30 03:35:27 UTC  

Congratulations @BreadTwists, you're now level 2.

2018-09-30 03:36:09 UTC  

everybody appears to be out saturday nighting it

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2018-09-30 03:36:47 UTC  

@BreadTwists I'm on 8chan, lots of interesting info there

2018-09-30 03:37:50 UTC  

10:4 I enjoy the social aspect of the chat is why I asked if anyone was on

2018-09-30 03:42:43 UTC  

These trolls are HILARIOUS!

@Botchan i have a hard time not bitching you out lol

@Botchan god damn you slow