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Shits about to get real 😁. As long as they hold off on doing anything too crazy till I get home, I’ll be good. Being stuck in the middle of nowhere AZ/NM is no bueno.

Wray is gonna slam dunk it

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when you convince the enemy to sign their own warrants

2018-10-01 01:24:31 UTC  

I don't think they enemy signed their own warrants

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I think that they were bluffing and were going to use that for leverage when the President inevitably rejected their claim

2018-10-01 01:25:03 UTC  

But instead he accepted and they did a whole "w-wait what?"

2018-10-01 01:25:58 UTC  

they think they've got the upper hand. They don't.

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Congratulations @TaCktiX, you're now level 2.

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lol ^^^^

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Kanye West’s shoes are Adidas. Where’s the source for the Red October Shoe? @Blonde_Finn

2018-10-01 02:10:27 UTC  

@legacy rant the shoes are actually nike

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Yeah that’s why it’s confusing.

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Congratulations @legacy rant, you're now level 1.

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Look who is belly aching about Kavanaugh....we did a lot of digging on this regards to Haiti....Somebody is a little skittish....haha

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@legacy rant not sure why you are confused

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It’s not a new shoe that dropped. He’s signed with Adidas now. No longer confused. I thought this was one that dropped recently.

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Blessing in disguise...

Do you want to see a video in which lindsay Lohan gets punched in the face?

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Stay tuned and watch!

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This tweet was posted three minutes after the Q post!

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At the end of the Trump rally yesterday, POTUS had been talking about mining metals and then said we have been filling our coffers and bringing money into the treasury. Sounded like he was referring to acquiring gold/silver for the treasury to me

2018-10-01 03:49:59 UTC  

@PawnWithAPurpose it's honestly brilliant, a better system, plus more workers to be put into the mines.

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@gleeballs2 possibility, but the Patriots are in control 😃

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Your vote will matter.

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@👑 King Futurama not to worry!!

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Trump looks like a boss in this photo

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Missiles lunched yo!

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THIS is why we vote.
Get registered.
Vote or else this is how your kids might turn out.