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2018-10-02 02:32:47 UTC  

Real Texans see through his bullshit. Because that's what Texans do.

2018-10-02 02:33:50 UTC

2018-10-02 02:33:57 UTC  

That was his rally

2018-10-02 02:34:07 UTC  

His rally is bullshit

2018-10-02 02:34:22 UTC  

Plus Cruz killed it in the Kav questioning and statements.

2018-10-02 02:34:34 UTC  

That shit resonated with people in TX. Trust me i know.

2018-10-02 02:34:46 UTC  

And agreed, how many people where there to see Willie and put up with bullshit.

2018-10-02 02:35:03 UTC  

Actual image of Beto when he takes off his mask at home.

2018-10-02 02:36:05 UTC  

Hey, native Texan here, I know. We are more than just Austin and the other metro areas around the state.

2018-10-02 02:38:30 UTC  

And to put it I don’t see, I am inundated with local media preaching his name. I know there is real talk outside the city. Good to hear commentary outside of this echo chamber.

2018-10-02 02:39:33 UTC  

Austin is the San Francisco of TX.

2018-10-02 02:39:39 UTC  

Fuck that dire shithole

2018-10-02 02:39:40 UTC  

@Bellalu what is it like up in north Texas?

2018-10-02 02:39:48 UTC  

It is bullshit and man buns in austin

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2018-10-02 02:40:31 UTC  

We just need to carve out austin and houston and drop them in the ocean. Then TX will be whole again.

2018-10-02 02:41:03 UTC  

Hey, I love ATX! Just have to deal with all the man bun hipsters lol. And fortunately we don’t have needles all over the place like San Francisco

2018-10-02 02:41:59 UTC  

Congratulations @lovelexxxx, you're now level 2.

2018-10-02 02:42:01 UTC  

There are a lot of people like me here too trying to keep civility in the ranks.

2018-10-02 02:43:39 UTC  

@Doom1776 please tell me you are not a sooner or an Aggie lol!

2018-10-02 02:43:39 UTC  

Congratulations @Cha0s, you're now level 3.

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Fuck no

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2018-10-02 02:44:03 UTC  

Quite frankly i dont do sports. Waste of time.

2018-10-02 02:44:13 UTC  

Fair enough

2018-10-02 02:44:22 UTC  

I dont watch and dont give half of 1/12th of a fuck about them.

2018-10-02 02:46:49 UTC  

@Cha0s I don’t know North Texas

2018-10-02 02:46:50 UTC  

Congratulations @Bellalu, you're now level 7.

2018-10-02 02:47:06 UTC  

I’m a Southern girl

2018-10-02 02:47:37 UTC  

Outside of the Longhorns neither do I. But that’s all I pay attention to. I get the Roman Colosseum distraction of the people and that is mine, but if they lose I don’t give a fuck.

2018-10-02 02:48:06 UTC  

I thought you were from Texas @Bellalu! We can’t all be perfect. 🤣

2018-10-02 02:48:21 UTC  

South Texas 😉

2018-10-02 02:48:34 UTC  

Then you are perfect.

2018-10-02 02:48:42 UTC  


Austin differs in quite a sizeable libertarian population

In coastal cities of CA that'd be the green party and dumb

Fort Worth is distribution central

2018-10-02 03:01:36 UTC  

bellalu, i left u a pretty pic in armory

2018-10-02 03:02:00 UTC  

it's not halloween related