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2018-10-03 14:23:24 UTC  

Daily Reminder: the ones remaining on the left still willing to vote in the midterms are expecting that their opinion is "popular." Its the narcissism complex.

2018-10-03 14:23:24 UTC  

Congratulations @stedly, you're now level 7.

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Holy shit are you listening to this schhhhhmuck?

2018-10-03 14:24:40 UTC  

TODAY (10/3): At 2:18 PM EDT, FEMA will be testing the Wireless Emergency Alert system nationwide. Expect a message box on your phone along with a loud tone and vibration. This is strictly a test of the WEA system by FEMA.

11:18AM PST - CA
1:18PM CST - TX
2:18PM EDT - VA

2018-10-03 14:25:10 UTC  

majority of the text chat for that live vid feed says - sit down chuck, or calling dems liars

2018-10-03 14:27:08 UTC  

This is insane

2018-10-03 14:30:18 UTC  

Absolutely mind bending

2018-10-03 14:32:16 UTC  

Funny how Schumer didn't speak to the fact feinstein sat on this bitches email.....

2018-10-03 14:33:46 UTC

2018-10-03 14:33:55 UTC  

This lady has really bad RBF

2018-10-03 14:35:56 UTC  

Hahahahaha someone just posted Sheila Jackson's cell phone to call and ask her what was in the envelope

2018-10-03 14:36:06 UTC  

She's not answering

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Insight into the banksters mentality from the Meidtro himself...Alan Greenspan (Former Fed Chairman and kicked of Quantitative Easing aka money printing as debt monetization)

2018-10-03 14:51:46 UTC

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Meh wrong one...I thought it was better quality

2018-10-03 15:05:00 UTC  

Durbin is dirty sperm sack. I hope his knees meet an Easton.

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Durbin is yamming on about an immigration courtroom but preceded his statement by saying “I’ve never been there before.” No shit like you have a clue when you’re too busy diddlin kids and begging for Barry to shoot ropes on your face. GFY Little Dicky Rotten Sperm Sack.

2018-10-03 15:13:18 UTC  

What am I missing? CSPAN is census and postal regulatory commission and even I can’t listen to this

2018-10-03 15:25:56 UTC  

@legacy rant it’s good to see you ranting in here this morning 😁

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waiting for ems got me like😬

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Some interesting shit right there 👆

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Interesting shit indeed. Respectfully, AI terrifies the hell out of me.

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Congratulations @S0NS0FLIBERTY USA, you're now level 3.

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Clip Of Interviewer Demanding Kanye West Remove His MAGA Hat Goes Viral

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This guy covers solar weather and it’s pretty cool.