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like with a cloth?

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do ~~some~~ most of them still need to see tribunals? Certainly

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do all of those need to be treason-based death sentences?

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accomplices get punished, but never to the same extent as the mastermind

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I suppose it needs to be systematic, least amount of burden to the public as possible

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the great flaw that we're prone to is generalizing

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the punishment needs to fit the crime, and the extent of the crime is different depending on the person

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2018-10-08 02:15:36 UTC everyone needs to watch this

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Anons came thru

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Pence is the fucking man

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that speech explains a _lot_ about the administration's policy toward China

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Also interesting when combined with the historical note of the post-JFK era's american elite selling out America's middle class jobs to China

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Congratulations @DoctorZeus, you're now level 1.

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and continuing by setting up China's financial infrastructure

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bankers all moved over there, basically set up the china rise we currently see

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yep, he didn't mince words on the reality

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China (and its cabal associates) has no leverage

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I always believed it was never Russia we had to worry about, in fact we need them to face the real threat, China

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people like the clintons facilitated the wholesale of american intelligence and intellectual property

2018-10-08 02:17:50 UTC  

look at WJC's 1996 shady nuclear armament of china

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and look at what HLI anon ( says about HRC's server and what it was selling and to whom...

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QAnon also confirmed that aspect of the server

2018-10-08 02:19:33 UTC  

just more recently

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Rootless urban elites, man...

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isn't it curious how David Hogg has more or less vanished from the spotlight after functionally looking like a Nazi?

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but boy does he make great meme fodder

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He is probably just hanging out at the next false flag location

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might be waiting a while

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each false flag since Las Vegas has been less and less dramatic

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What does BPD mean as far as the chairman above video goes?

2018-10-08 02:29:44 UTC  

Boston Police Department?

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Yep amd Soros couldnt even pay for a successful anti-Kavanaugh protest

2018-10-08 02:30:18 UTC  

Boston Police Dept?