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Now, we got Trump Republicans. 😄

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Hey, guys? Want a fucking laugh?

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Gavin Newsom tried to blur it out, but it reads James Tosh

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This is so fake! LOL

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You can't tell me Obama does not look like a rapist.

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@👑 King Futurama closer to the truth than you know . This is Donny Ray Williams, a former congressional aide and Obama staffer click link

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i was commenting on a previous post

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Ok My bad

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now i did. its ridiculous that he didnt get jail time

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Yes. Even when he pled guilty. Basically he got off for being ugly

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Trump has China quaking in its boots - "Beijing officials now realize, even if many in the US foreign policy establishment don’t, that they are facing a master tactician..." A must-read - In private, senior Chinese officials have come to view Trump as a Sun Tzu-like strategic genius.

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JW is my hero 😁

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When there's a new q-post:

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These cops ALL NEED TO GO.

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Which cop ya talking bout brah?

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@👑 King Futurama yep. Same agenda as the dems. We may be even seeing Trump Democrats now too!

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Hey, good morning, anyone tired of winning yet?

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Send this to your Democrat friends.

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And send this to your friends that think they know about “how the world works”

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Thanks, I dabble. Weird that I would rather have positive feedback from you all (strangers really) than the ignorant friends I’ve had since kindergarten.

We all share the same frustration

Most of my friends think im insane but it's s'all good

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I got rid of most of my friends and my sister is hard core liberal so I feel ya'll.

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@RocketManNK solid quote! NPR was interviewing some Chinese diplomat late last week who was whining about Trump canceling a deal they had established and were dumbfounded as to why. NPR was setting them up to be the good guy of course and I was even shocked NPR was playing to the sympathy of the communists. Well, kind of shocked, it was basically a story to make Trump look bad while propping up the Chinese and give libtards talking points. This is a fun time to follow trade talks! I use this as a counterpunch whenever debating the left as they have no clue what is going on and when you start to drop the monetary impact of what Trump has been able to accomplish it leaves them speechless.

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Fuck off Ronald

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You are insane

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Share this with the friends that think you’re crazy.

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LaserTrain: As they say, Blood is thicker than the Waters of the Covenant. Or in this case, general approximity and longevity is way thicker than waters of the covenant