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"Amazon is the leading cloud provider for the United States intelligence community. In 2013, Amazon entered into a $600 million contract with the CIA to build a cloud for use by intelligence agencies working with information classified as Top Secret. Then, in 2017, Amazon announced the AWS Secret Region, which allows storage of data classified up to the Secret level by a broader range of agencies and companies. Amazon also operates a special GovCloud region for US Government agencies hosting unclassified information."

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Currently, Amazon is one of the leading contenders for an up to $10 billion contract to build a private cloud for the Department of Defense. Amazon is one of the only companies with the certifications required to host classified data in the cloud. The Defense . Department is looking for a single provider and other companies, including Oracle and IBM, have complained that the requirements unfairly favor Amazon. Bids on this contract are due tomorrow

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dod dropped amazon from the list

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I thought it was Google who dropped?

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no clue which one dropped

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for sure

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And oh shit it's called the JEDI cloud program.

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Pretty sure Amazon is still in. Wiki dropped that today and says bids for JEDI are due tomorrow.

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thats pretty baller tbh

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lol, late to the discussion, but those faggy notes are hand written. Unless we're dealing with some kind of whacky AI superfont, the likes of which Ive never seen or heard of, it's someone's printed hand. No 2 letters are the same, spacing is all over the place, repeated words don't compare with each other, def just a sociopath's scribble.

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Never noticed Kanye West can actually seem smart talking about yeezy effects and market caps...

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Check out the reflection on the desk 😉 👆

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Wonder if kanye got the hard crash course in redpill 0o

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@jman for what

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@FastJack for this:

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Thankfully we have a competent individual willing to address the real problem with trash in the ocean and call them out. Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a real threat and grows larger everyday. Save Our Seas Act - USMCA Act has it built in - Incredible work!

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Holder should stick a fork in an outlet

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.......and it's gone.

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why does this prof have pedo symbol

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@omnipresenthuman no gore last warning

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rule 3

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Did I miss it?

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Sorry about that. No bad intentions ment. I'll go over the rules again.For some reason I didn't think climbing into a dead carcass was a problem. As I was writing this, I am realizing exactly why I shouldn't have posted it. My bad. No disrespect ment to anyone. One of those "dumbass" moments of mine.

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You're a special kinda stupid.....

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what's gone fluffykins

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oh his twitter?