Message from Lucifer Inlustris in Turtle Hermit School #random

2018-10-20 06:20:07 UTC  

I found this and everybody please let everyone know who this pedo satanic fucker is please.

2018-10-20 06:20:10 UTC  

wow, another virtue signalling zealot huh? *sighs*

2018-10-20 06:21:14 UTC  

listen dude, exorcism is magic, miracles are magic, blessings are magic, its all the same thing just from a different source

2018-10-20 06:21:59 UTC  

i get my source of magic from god

2018-10-20 06:22:08 UTC  

i'm gnostic

2018-10-20 06:22:32 UTC  

i'm not your average run of the mill christian

2018-10-20 06:23:20 UTC  

Q doesnt give a shit what our beliefs are

2018-10-20 06:23:30 UTC  

we are here for only one purpose

2018-10-20 06:23:45 UTC  

to save the fucking world from the satanic deepstate

2018-10-20 06:26:01 UTC  

I have been in the actual for real presence of a Demon and later an Angel and as far as I am concerned you don’t play touch or think of magic or spells for all you are doing is killing the light that was once you.
I prefer Gods Angels over Satan’s demons any day of the week.
I trust God and I fight demons if you don’t like that we’ll go find a safe room then cause there is no ifs and or buts for me....

2018-10-20 06:26:52 UTC  

lol dude, part of my side job literally is hunting demons

2018-10-20 06:27:17 UTC  

Good kill em all

2018-10-20 06:28:49 UTC  

trapping them, banishing them, etc. the only spirits i summon are angels although i do also occasionally call on fairies aka nature spirits for aid as well

2018-10-20 06:30:36 UTC  

nature is but one of the many ways god emanates

2018-10-20 06:31:02 UTC  

I don’t summon anything I pray for forgiveness and give thanks to my lord God above

2018-10-20 06:31:47 UTC  

angels were ordered to prostrate towards us for a reason, not only are they servants of god but servants of man as well

2018-10-20 06:35:37 UTC  

theres a reason why theres a 3 to 10 fold rule to magic, its because of god's forces via karma, you put something negative out there you only draw negativity towards you

2018-10-20 06:36:31 UTC  

on the other hand put something positive out there you attract positivity towards you and ward off negativity

2018-10-20 06:39:47 UTC  

bud all I know is when you start to play God instead of praising God your royally fucked just like Obama and the Clintons are now period.

2018-10-20 06:43:09 UTC  

yeah i know, when i practice magic i do not think myself as god, its an ability god granted us so that we can learn and guide ourselves back to his presence, this power doesn't just flow through us but everywhere around us, this life energy that breathes us and everything else into existence. Some call it our "inner light".

2018-10-20 06:44:15 UTC  

in the gnostic gospels and dead sea scrolls jesus talks about this "field" of life energy all around us and how we can "communicate" with it

2018-10-20 06:53:07 UTC  

Sorry man not a follower of what you do I like the simple loving things in life. Best of luck just leave me out of whatever your doing ok 👍🏻 I run my own life and no one else but God

2018-10-20 06:54:52 UTC  

@Curé sure no problem we all have free will and we all have our own paths destined to walk

2018-10-20 07:02:58 UTC  

Merci aka thanks 🙏🏻

2018-10-20 07:29:30 UTC  

This might have the video if not click link to watch @LouDobbs’s Tweet:

2018-10-20 09:52:42 UTC  

Lauren Bessette

2018-10-20 10:07:34 UTC  

YOU decide 💯

2018-10-20 11:29:27 UTC  

20 hour hiatus, and back to plaster with CANCER?? good god those videos are all painfully stupid.

2018-10-20 11:31:48 UTC  

They really don't let you take a break, ha?

2018-10-20 11:53:39 UTC  

Mornin’ fuckers 😁☕️🍳

2018-10-20 12:34:55 UTC  

They are coming ...

2018-10-20 12:41:21 UTC  

BE Prepared !

2018-10-20 12:44:40 UTC