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Oswald Mosley

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it doesnt make any sense that the mic works fine on skype then not on discord.

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Britain goes to the polls

2017-06-08 17:15:47 UTC  

Weirdly enough the muslim community always gets 100% turnout, hmmmmmmm. Some of these burqa women have really broad shoulders.

2017-06-08 17:24:50 UTC  

thanks jews

2017-06-08 17:33:07 UTC  

I made a poster for this

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Qr codes are important

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nice ad placement jack

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A coworker asked my wife

"Why don't you take birth control?"
Wife: Because im not a whore.
She will receive many head pats tonight

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is said coworker a thot or an old shitlib

2017-06-08 18:18:17 UTC  

I had no idea how crazy that shit made women until I watched it happen in front of my eyes

2017-06-08 18:18:21 UTC  

wew lads

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After the last shoah I might actually believe this

2017-06-08 18:28:41 UTC  

honestly the truth may be worse than the lie, kurt buchenwald

2017-06-08 18:33:19 UTC  

@Accipiter you write like a nog

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learn how to write

2017-06-08 18:33:32 UTC  

I'm slightly drunk what do you expect?

2017-06-08 18:33:42 UTC  

Drunk time is Twitter time...

2017-06-08 18:33:59 UTC  

I don't usually write like a nog, but when I do. I damn well make sure it's shameful

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@Convo i think cantwell might become part of the trs subscription service

2017-06-08 18:39:50 UTC  

lol the guy who calls in right after i mention this asks

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tho the whole "ur just racist libertarians" meme will get bigger

2017-06-08 18:41:27 UTC  

nobody of importance than im aware of uses that meme

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Can I pls be an honorary dingo to put this on my car