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coffee is for people who dont sleep enough

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dude thats great

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coffee is for people who like robust shits

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make sure to review it on the shoah

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shit i mean the forum

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ok will do

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i got it today, ill make some and review tomorrow

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whats lulz is that compound is probably like half a century old

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@Vanguard glorious

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these are great

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lmfao hadnt seen the ome where he is barely trying to get his head up the burm to his rifle and gets popped

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Just chillin at the intersection of Stonewall and Lee

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mfw there is a hot ortho blonde girl

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but get vibe of waiting until marriage

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I would probably die and explode and in a big ball of genetic material

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is logan as poz as I am lead to believ

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In Austin, Texas a movement of like-minded whites are banding together to fight off the diseased hordes of anti-white, anti-fascist, communist scum parasitizing and subverting the good denizens of Bat City. In a rare act of unification, groups such as The Right Stuff, Daily Stormer, American Vanguard, Traditionalist Worker’s Party, Anti-Communist Action, and other unaffiliated peoples will converge as one as we push back against the Climate of Hate. Covering border security, immigration, Confederate history, and the suppression of Marxism, this quickly upcoming event will be a show of force for our people.

If you’re interested in being involved please contact Chef at [email protected]

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@Fashoslav Dankovic for those in TX or can travel there?

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@here git up n dis muhfuggin voice chat nigguz

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Hope everyone is well

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@regularron git up on voice muh italian brotha