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2017-06-13 02:04:10 UTC  

@Convo my first serious gf, before that, on and off from 16-20, killed herself. that one hurt bad.

2017-06-13 02:04:11 UTC  

im trying to learn from him, geez

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2017-06-13 02:04:22 UTC  

at 20 years old?

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2017-06-13 02:04:40 UTC  

@Convo i hate you so much for sharing this with me

2017-06-13 02:04:52 UTC  

we hadn't talked for a while and she wanted to reconnect with me, and i forgot kinda, and next thing i knew she was dead.

2017-06-13 02:05:21 UTC  

i blamed myself but it had to be other shit. she didnt wanna live, not my fault.

2017-06-13 02:06:00 UTC  

ok @Convo ill make my 3rd disaster as quick as i can, to let you know you can remain sane after all of this shit

2017-06-13 02:10:28 UTC  

1 sec

2017-06-13 02:21:54 UTC  

@Ilya Muromets did you try the coffee yet

2017-06-13 02:22:34 UTC  

@wyatt i got it at like 3pm, im gonna brew some up in the am tomorrow, i usually only do a cup a day when i wake up

2017-06-13 02:22:53 UTC  

k tag me or make/post on the forum about it

2017-06-13 02:24:09 UTC  

ok, i hardly post on the forum, should i just do it in general

2017-06-13 02:25:11 UTC  

just followed you on there, i should get on the forum more probably

2017-06-13 02:25:47 UTC  

@Convo last one was catholic girl, italian but blond and green eyes, like a 9.5, 100lbs 5'3 huge tits, was friends for 10 years, we were serious for 3 years up until late 2015. we had even planned on her moving into my house, working on marriage, talking about how many kids we wanted, i thoughti finally won, female who knew me and my beliefs better than any female ever and worshipped me a week before my bday in october she called me frantically, this was a week before she had been begging me to let her come stay the night but i was too busy with lab work and worn out, and dumped me, cut all ties, gave me no reason, i nearly went off the deep end....turns out she got knocked up by her boss at a good job i helped her get, and thats why she shitcanned me, her brother tracked me down and told me as he knew it had driven me mad beingcut off and not given an answer. that took until late last year to get over.

Never let the evil females win. I don't let them fuck up real ones that still exist out there somewhere, somehow, but good traditional women are rare easter eggs. I'm 30 and still sane, you will get your polish QT. Or Ukrainian 😃

2017-06-13 02:28:08 UTC  

I am focusing on academic , personal and career success while looking

2017-06-13 02:28:34 UTC  

But they are rare

2017-06-13 02:29:34 UTC  

bruh, youre a saint

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2017-06-13 02:30:22 UTC  

the sudden break ones are weird, thats what the latest one did and made me look into things a tad further and me and her actual fiancee kind of talked haha it was a shit show, comical yes. She even outrage texted me about it all trying to spin it so I made an itemized list on why she is a sack of shit in my eyes and to never contact this number again and she had no response and probably never will, I sent sledge the screen caps and they were in here a bit when it went down it was fairly funny looking back, either the bull or the cuck ayyy

2017-06-13 02:30:43 UTC  

weev is right

rape every woman

2017-06-13 02:30:55 UTC  

Yeah @Vanguard pissed at my education pushed back a year, but next year ill be free from university shitland, will see if I teach any more labs this year, but then it's onto salary hunt, and im fuckin serious when i wanna go back into NG, and get commissioned

2017-06-13 02:31:07 UTC  

im in better shape by far than I was years ago

2017-06-13 02:31:13 UTC  

yeah I dont see myself going past masters tbh

2017-06-13 02:31:13 UTC

2017-06-13 02:31:50 UTC  

yeah, i know some PhD friends who got nuked for BS and MS degree people to cut costs in some high tech shit

2017-06-13 02:32:01 UTC  

id like to get a second masters as mil probably will send me to a fellowship as I get higher in rank so at most probably MBA and MA or MS

2017-06-13 02:32:28 UTC  

if my plan workks ill be happy to get up to captain

2017-06-13 02:32:30 UTC  

My dad was BS Bio Chem/Math, the MS Operations Research and an MA in Policy and grandfather was BA Business, MBA

2017-06-13 02:32:48 UTC  

be nice at O3 board to have one masters done and good OERs

2017-06-13 02:32:54 UTC  

sitting comfy

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2017-06-13 02:34:33 UTC  

Captain is where you really start to actually matter in life as an officer lol

2017-06-13 02:34:35 UTC  

either way its the plan

2017-06-13 02:34:39 UTC  

haha yea

2017-06-13 02:34:56 UTC  

1LT you matter some based on you as a person

2017-06-13 02:35:36 UTC  

at least i wont start as some scrawny nerd little 2LT, ill be beefed up, and crazy-eyed